Thursday, March 7, 2013

10-Minute Manicure: Velvet Glitter

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Welcome to another installment of our 10-minute manicure! This week’s mani is a no-brainer – so easy yet so cool!
Here’s what we used:
OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy (RM59), Anna Sui Nail Color N (RM54), Chanel Mat Top Coat (limited edition, out of stock). Alternatively, try: Essence Matte Top Coat (RM8.90) or Inglot Matte Top Coat (RM44)
Let’s start! 
Step 1: Prep nails with base coat. This is especially important if you’re using dark-coloured polish, which might stain your nails.
Step 2: Paint on two coats of navy blue nail polish and allow to dry.
Step 3: Brush the glitter nail polish on the tips of your nails. Repeat a few times until you achieve the desired intensity. Allow to dry completely.
Step 4: Finish off with matte top coat. The trick to a smooth finish is to saturate the brush and evenly paint on one coat only. You have to be fast! 
Final word on matte polish:
We very much prefer matte top coats as opposed to matte nail polish. In our experience, matte nail polish lasts for about 2 days max before chipping, but matte top coats can stretch up to a week, and still look presentable after 10 days. Plus, you can use it over any colour of your choice, so it offers more value for money.

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