Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Korean Beauty Secrets You Need To Try

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We’ve been rather obsessed with K-pop of late, and one thing we can tell you for sure is that Korean girls have a complexion that’s absolutely to-die-for!
Here are some of the beauty routines they practice:
Miss A’s Suzy Practices the ‘4-2-4’ Technique
In an episode of On Style’s Get It Beauty, Suzy revealed that she diligently practices the ‘4-2-4’ technique when cleansing her face. Basically, what you do is massage your face with oil (try store-bought cleansing oil, or olive/almond/grape seed oil) for 4 minutes, followed with foaming cleanser for 2 minutes, and rinse for another 4 minutes, ending with cold water to close your pores.
The technique must work pretty well, judging by how her skin looks flawless even with no makeup on.
KARA’s Goo Hara is into Fresh, Natural Remedies
In an issue of ViVi magazine, Goo Hara shared a recipe for a mixed juice that she drinks every single day. The ingredients are bananas, blueberries, almonds, walnuts and milk, which is blended into a smoothie. The fruits contain lots of antioxidants that help prevent skin ageing, while the nuts contain oils that make your hair and nails stronger.
She also tweeted that cucumber masks are great for dry or dehydrated skin, and showed a photo of herself with the mask on.
Song Hye Kyo Uses Milk to Cleanse Her Face
Just like how Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to make her skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is said to use milk to cleanse her face, as well as use it as a mask. You can try soaking cotton pads in milk and placing them on your face, especially on dry-prone areas like your cheeks. Just remember not to get flavoured or sweetened milk!
Yoon Mi-Rae uses Coconut Oil as Moisturiser
In an interview with Sure magazine, the R&B singer revealed that she uses coconut oil liberally on her skin, to help lock in moisture. Coconut oil can easily be found in drugstores and supermarkets, and is useful for blemished skin, she shares.
Go Hyun Jung Never Forgets Her Facial Stretching Exercises
The 42-year-old actress looks nary a day over 35, if you ask us. In 2011, she published a book, Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture, where she shared all her beauty tips and secrets to looking younger. She says that facial stretching exercises are really important in helping your skin maintain its elasticity and firmness. Here’s how: exaggerate the pronunciation of ‘ma me mi mo mu’ 10 times while stretching your facial muscles as far as possible.


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