Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty Trend: Snakeskin Effects!

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10th February 2013 marks the beginning of Year of the Snake. Snakeskin prints have always been a firm staple in the fashion world, making an appearance in clothing and accessories. However, we got inspired to bring snakeskin prints to a whole new level by translating them into beauty looks.
Here are some super-cool snakeskin print ideas to try:
On Your Eyes
Makeup artist Patrycja Dobrzeniecka’s interpretation of snakeskin eye makeup in Glamour magazine is superbly detailed. We think it looks like real snakeskin, only much, much more glamorous!
Cheat’s version:
Color On Pro’s Animal Instincts Eye Shadow Kit (USD20 – ships to Malaysia!), which is practically stick-and-go. It comes in a set of 5 pairs of animal-print eyeshadow stickers.

On Your Lips
Beauty blogger Maryam Maqulliage shows you an ingenious way to create a snakeskin effect on your lips (we’re completely floored by how cool it looks!).
Cheat’s version:
Violent Lip Tattoos in The Snake and The Red Snake (USD14.95 each – ships to Malaysia!). Personally we’re feeling The Red Snake more than The Snake, which is a bit too realistic for comfort…

On Your Nails
You can get a real snakeskin manicure in California for USD300 a pop (that’s about RM1,000!), fromDeliciously Polished. The owner of the salon, Terri Silacci, became an overnight sensation when she introduced the use of real snakeskin in her manicures and pedicures!
Cheat’s version:
Celeb Beaute Nail Patches (RM29.80 each, from SHINS) gets the work done in minutes, without the goosebump-inducing feeling that comes naturally when we think of real snakeskin on our nails (yuck!).
Have fun experimenting with these creative looks!

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