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How To Keep Your Brushes & Makeup Clean

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Here’s a question: how often do you clean your makeup brushes? Here’s another: when was the last time you wiped your compact powder clean?
“I’ve seen girls using icky powder puffs that haven’t been washed for months – eek!” says professional makeup artist Ling Chong. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, she says. Eyeliners that look like they’ve seen better days, dirty foundation tubes or bottles, or loose powder spilling all over the insides of someone’s makeup bag are quite the common sight.
“In fact, keeping your makeup and tools clean is one of the most important things a woman needs to make a habit of,” advises Ling. Poorly-maintained makeup can breed bacteria, which can in turn transfer to your skin when you apply it, and that’s when all these skin-related nightmares happen!
Here are Ling’s tips on how to keep your makeup clean:
  • Clean them once a week to prevent bacteria and sebum from collecting on the bristles. Dirty brushes can breed pimples!
  • If you’ve invested quite a sum of money on your brushes, keep them in perfect condition with a good brush cleanser (instead of using body wash or shampoo).
  • When cleaning brushes, don’t soak them. This loosens the bond between the bristles and the handle and it might fall off!
  • Swirl the brush in a shallow, rounded container (you can recycle your empty skincare jars for this!) and gently dab away excess water.
  • When drying brushes, don’t place them on a flat surface – the insides don’t dry properly and might grow moldy (yuck!).
  • Place the tip of the brush on the edge of a table and weight the handle down to prevent it from falling off.  Air-dry away from the sunlight, in a well-ventilated area.
Powder Puffs:
  • These are the biggest breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria! Wash them every day if your skin is acne-prone.
  • Soap is the most effective cleanser for fluffy puffs – they come away clean and brand-new again!
  • Dip the puff in water, and rub soap over the soiled surface. Rinse, squeeze dry and clip it up. Allow to air dry.
  • Have a few puffs on standby, so you can continue to use your loose powder when waiting for the first puff to dry.
Gel Eyeliners:
  • When using gel liner, place the jar face-down. This way, the moisture won’t evaporate easily from the gel.
  • If your gel liner is drying up, mix a bit of solvent (which can be bought from makeup specialty stores in Sungei Wang Plaza) into the jar. However this won’t be able to keep for too long, so trash it after 2 weeks.
Foundation Bottles:
  • Keep your base makeup clean and tidy by wiping the bottles down once a week.
  • The product tends to accumulate around the nozzle and cap of the bottles, so use a wet tissue or makeup remover tissue to remove any dried-up or cakey bits.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the inner side of the cap too!
  • Finish off with a dry piece of tissue.
Tip: Check how long you can keep your makeup by referring to this sign at the back or underneath the bottles. ‘12’ means you can keep it for 12 months from the date you open (not use!) the product. So, the moment you open that bottle or that tube of lipstick, the shelf life countdown starts!

About Ling Chong
Standing at barely 150cms tall, Ling might be tiny, but her talent is huge. She’s been a professional makeup artist for 9 years now, and her work has been featured in top Malaysian magazines like Her World, Style, Female and Nu You. When she’s not busy wielding brushes, Ling loves to dabble in handmade art and accessories. Her ideal beautiful woman is Mika Nakashima. Check out Ling’s extensive portfolio on her website.

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