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Interview With Cyrille Telinge, CEO Of French Skincare Brand Novexpert

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Looking back, I remember going through a phase where I was so obsessed with skincare, I didn’t really care what went on my face. Strongly-scented creams – check. Products laden with preservatives – check. Shady brands from a random shop in China that were selling for less than RM10 apiece – check. At first things were peachy. I had clear, beautiful skin with invisible pores.
And then months later, it all backfired. I started getting pimples like nobody’s business, and my skin was rough and dull. It took me a long time to repair the damage that had been done. Now, I find myself turning to products that are safe on the skin. I try to avoid products that have parabens and silicones, and I don’t pile as many products on my face (I realized that less is more, however clich├ęd it might sound).
Emmagem had the opportunity to meet Cyrille Telinge, the charming CEO and co-founder of French skincare brand Novexpert, to find out more about the skincare range, and learn some tips on how to maintain a healthy complexion.
Tell us a little about Novexpert.
Well, Novexpert is an anti-ageing skincare brand from France, which combines natural skincare and medicinal technology. The products are formulated by doctors specializing in skin ageing. It’s 100% natural (you can even eat it!), hypoallergenic, and contains 100% biodegradable ingredients.
What does the name ‘Novexpert’ mean?
Novo in Latin means ‘to create’ or ‘to change’. We wanted to bring out the medical part of the brand, as the co-founders of Novexpert are doctors, who also created the line of products, so we added –expert to strengthen the message. In other words, the experts at Novexpert are taking back the power in the skincare industry, which was overtaken by the marketing aspect some years ago…
The Novexpert range is surprisingly affordable (RM99 to RM178). How do you manage to keep prices so reasonable?
Since we use a lot of medical-grade ingredients, and we manufacture the products in a bacteria-free environment, our cost is actually higher than that of other skincare brands, around 20% more. Our approach is different: instead of establishing ourselves as a counter brand and hiring beauty advisors, we put our products in retail shops like Sa Sa, where there is already a team of well-trained experts. Also, we communicate via PR and word of mouth instead of advertising. Our money goes to the right places – into the value and efficiency of the products.

Part of the laboratory where the products are manufactured
What were the challenges faced in ensuring that the products are 100% natural?
Ah, there were many! One of the bigger challenges for us was to recreate the smooth-touch, velvety effect of silicone. The other one was to preserve the friendly bacteria on the surface of our skin (our skin is covered in good bacteria, which can be killed by harsh skincare).
Natural cosmetics are becoming more important now. Did you know that within 4 hours of application, cosmetics applied on your skin can penetrate through the skin, all the way to your blood and urine? That’s why it’s important for the ingredients in your skincare to be natural.
Why should we not use too much foaming products on our face?
Foaming ingredients make your skin feel fresh and matte, but it can lead to excess sebum production. The skin is also over-aggravated by products that strip the good bacteria on your face. When the bacteria die, you get an explosion of allergies. More than 60% of people in Europe and Japan suffer from sensitive skin.
Please share some skincare tips for people with sensitive/ageing skin.
1) Use cleansing milk instead of foaming gel to wash your face.
2) After sweating or prolonged sun exposure, always replenish moisture with a cream mask.
3) To avoid swelling around your eyes in the morning, don’t drink too much water at night. Sleep on a thick pillow to keep your head elevated.
4) For a radiant complexion, sweat it out at least once a week (exercise or go to the sauna), and breathe in deeply 10 times in the morning to oxygenate your cells.
5) Do a weekly thalassotherapy: rinse your face with warm water and alternate with cold water. Repeat a few times. This helps promote blood circulation.
Novexpert is available at Sa Sa outlets nationwide and online at Plincco. For more info, call the hotline at 1800-88-0488.

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