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Rubbing Shoulders With The Celebs

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Do you feel that you’re stuck in a rut at your current workplace? Wish you could do more than what you’re doing now? Then get inspired by these young entrepreneurs, who have established a career for themselves beyond the typical 9-to-5 job. This week, Emmagem talks to celebrity agent Geetha Anandarajan.
Tell us a bit about your job.
I’m a celebrity agent. I run my own celebrity agency, G Talent, and I represent personalities and celebrities from Malaysia and Singapore.
So, what do you do as a celebrity agent?
I help position the celebrities I represent with brands that complement their image, and vice versa. Brands need celebrities to front their projects and events, and my job is to liaise a mutual agreement that satisfies both parties. Things like brand endorsements, advertisements, PR campaigns, editorial coverage, emceeing, performing and event appearances are common ground.
How is the role of a celebrity agent different from the role of a manager?
A manager looks mainly into the interest of the celebrity or talent that they’re representing, whereas an agent will have to take care of both the talent and the client’s best interests at the same time.
Do you need a specific set of skills to become a celebrity agent?
Like most jobs, you need to have passion for what you want to do. I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, but in this line of work, your personality and character trumps your education background.
Who have you worked with throughout your career?
To name a few, Fahrin Ahmad, Joey G, Owen Yap, Allan Wu, Asha Gill, Carmen Soo, Bernie Chan, Belinda Chee, Ning Baizura, Yuna, and the list just goes on…

With hottie Fahrin Ahmad

With songstress Ning Baizura

With the elegant Carmen Soo
What’s a typical day of work like?
There’s no fixed structure or timetable for what I do. It’s hard to describe, because it really depends on what type of project I’m working on. It could mean a whole day of meetings, or a full-day photoshoot. Sometimes, it can also be an entire day in front of the laptop, just replying emails and handling paperwork.
What are the perks of being a celebrity agent?
Well, for one, there are no rigid guidelines for my job. I’m my own boss, so I answer to myself. You may be required to accompany the talents for events or photoshoots, but then again sometimes they can also be mundane ones like product launches and press conferences.
The drawbacks of this job?
Sometimes my schedule can be unpredictable, and long hours are a normal occurrence if there are photoshoots or events (my days can start as early as 5am, and run into 17 or 18-hour days!). Also, the paperwork that has to be done piles up in the blink of an eye – and it’s not something I particularly like doing.
The most rewarding part of your job is…
When a client or celebrity shows their appreciation for my work. Not everyone understands the importance of an agent’s role, so sometimes you are taken for granted. I guess, just like any other job, it’s always nice to feel appreciated. Also, it makes me feel very proud to see the talents I represent grow and make a name for themselves in the industry.
The truth behind the entertainment industry…
It’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s actually a very fickle industry.
Advice for aspiring celebrity agents:
Always be genuine and honest – people can tell if you’re not being sincere. Don’t be ‘blinded’ by the glamorous side of the job, and know what you’re working towards so that you stay grounded, no matter what.

(Photos: all courtesy of Geetha Anandarajan)

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