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Walk The Line: Work That Eyeliner, Girl!

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Almost everyone I know says I look different without my eyeliner on. Over the years, I’ve learned to accept it as a compliment (call that wishful thinking on my part), but if I’m supposed to be meeting someone in public, I never go leave home without my trusty lashing of eyeliner.
To me, putting on makeup is a form of courtesy. It’s like an extension of making the effort to dress up, but on your face instead of just on your outfit. Makeup is supposed to enhance your features and make you look better, so if someone you know always has makeup on, that means she’s super-thoughtful that she puts her best face forward every time! :)
There are so many ways you can approach eyeliner application. Here are three super-cool ways to draw attention to your eyes. A bit of advice from us, though: always be aware of the occasion so that you’re not over or under made-up, which is as bad as being overdressed or underdressed!
Makes your eyes look more deep-set and sexier.
Best demonstrated by: Adele
Double eyelids are a blessing and a bane at once. Your eyes don’t need much definition for them to look bigger, but eyeliner smudges easily along the crease, and too much eyeliner and you look borderline trashy. For everyday wear, a subtle upwards flick ala Ashlee Simpson is considered work-friendly. But for nights out or special occasions, you can afford to add on the drama by increasing the angle and thickness of the flick.
How to get the look: Look into the mirror with your head tilted back. Pull the outer corner of your eyelid taut and create a thin line using a slim eyeliner brush. Carefully trace along the upper lashline. When you reach the outer corner, flick it up at an angle. Check in the mirror and add on if necessary.
Best product: Stila Smudge Pot, from Sephora. Glides on and stays put all day long. The creamy gel texture lets you build up a dramatic, clean flick easily.

Makes small, monolidded eyes look elongated and less tired.
Best demonstrated by: Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls
The biggest problem girls with single eyelids face is that they look tired and sleepy without makeup on. The Koreans  - girls AND guys alike, have found an ingenious way to put back the ‘soul’ in their eyes, without having to undergo double eyelid surgery (though not all K-pop idols were saved from going under the knife).
How to get the look: Instead of extending the eyeliner on the upper lid (like the Cat’s Eye method), extend your eyeliner from the end of the bottom lashline, moving slightly upwards. Smudge the edges with black eyeshadow so that the effect looks softer.
Best product: Sleek Makeup Twist Up Eye Pencil, $2.99 (approx. RM10). The slim nib never needs any sharpening, and will be able to define small eyes perfectly.

An interesting twist to experiment with for parties.
The models on the fashion runways are living proof that eyeliner can be less boring and still look good. For the not-so-brave, try a double flick at the outer corners, or add a temporary beauty spot or hand-drawn flower. That way you can still look different at a party but not go all-out crazy with squares drawn around your eyes.
Tip: Practice makes perfect, so try the look a few times before the actual day so you don’t stress out or mess up your makeup!
Best product: Benefit Magic Ink Jet-Black Liquid Eyeliner. The super-fine tip and jet-black formula works like a marker to create intricate designs.

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