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Beauty School: How To Choose The Perfect Blusher

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I can’t live without my blusher. Even on off-days when I go out sans makeup (well, almost), I turn to my trusty blusher to give my complexion a healthy glow. But with so many beauty brands out there, and with so many types of products to choose from, the most important question is: how do you choose your perfect blusher?
Step 1: Determine Your Skin Type
Knowing your skin well lets you choose a fail-proof blusher that stays put even after long hours.
If you have oily skin – choose powder blush
If you have combination skin (oily T-zone but dry cheeks) – choose gel blush or an oil-free liquid tint
If you have dry skin – choose cream blush
Step 2: Determine The Effect You Want To Achieve
Getting ready for a romantic candlelight dinner with the boyfriend?
A powder blush with tiny flecks of shimmer will make your skin glow naturally under dim lighting.
Going out for a picnic or an outdoor excursion with your best friends?
Swipe on gel or liquid blush, which stays on even after you sweat!
It’s the weekend and you can’t be bothered to dress up…
Blend a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go.
If you’re hitting the clubs on a Friday night…
Choose a matte powder blush that won’t reflect light when you take photos with the flash on.
If you can’t stand being too pale…
A peachy bronzer will give you a fake tan (plus higher cheekbones in an instant) without making you look orange.
Step 3: Experiment With Different Application Methods
For powder blush – after setting makeup with powder, use a brush to apply the product directly to your skin. For a natural finish, buff in a circular motion using your fingertips.
For gel/liquid blush – pick up colour with your middle and ring fingertips, and buff on clean, unpowdered skin.
Note: liquid tint stains your skin very quickly, so don’t apply it directly on your cheeks – you’ll get splotches!
For cream blush – you can use your fingertips, but if you want more obvious colour, an angled sponge works as well. Apply this after foundation, and before powder.
One trick we’ve learned from the makeup experts: if you don’t have fancy tools, your fingertips work just as well! Cotton pads and cotton buds are also cheap and good tools for buffing and correcting mistakes.
Don’t Forget The Extras!
If you want to enhance your bone structure, here’s a handy guide to follow:
A pearly white highlighter (choose one without any shimmer or glitter) is perfect for making your nose bridge higher, and your cheekbones sharper.
Do remember the rule of thumb though: creams and liquid highlighters should be applied before powder. Powder highlighters should be the last step after applying everything else.
If you’re really into contouring like Kim Kardashian here, invest in a matte bronzer (without shimmer or glitter), and an angled brush. The key to achieving a believable look is to practice, practice and practice at home!
Contour these areas for a slimmer face:
  • along the hollows of your cheeks
  • along the sides of your nose bridge
  • along your hairline
  • along your jawline
Check out these super adorable blushers!
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3. Tarte True Love Natural Cheek Stain
4. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher
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