Friday, April 19, 2013

How To Be A Green Goddess

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Hello, eco-warriors! April is a very special month for all of us who are passionate about saving the earth, because it’s Earth Month! If you’ve been toying with the idea of going green, why not start today?
Don’t know where to start? Fret not, Emmagem has some simple yet totally doable tips you can follow:
  • DO reduce water usage. Time yourself in the shower and try to be done in half the time you’re used to. One of our favourite bodycare brands, Soap & Glory, actually advocates a 2-Minute Rinse, which helps reduce water usage.
  • DO save your empty bottles. Set aside a box to store your empty product bottles, which can be recycled. They also come in handy during promotions where you can trade them in for a new product on the market!
  • DON’T waste unnecessarily! Instead of using one whole cotton pad to remove your nail polish, cut it into four smaller squares. You save resources, and it makes the whole removal process easier too.
  • DO opt for biodegradable products. Synthetic ingredients (like foaming agents) don’t break down easily, and can cause environmental problems like pollution and poisoning. Go organic if you can!
  • DON’T use too many electrical appliances. Whenever you can, skip the blowdryer (you save electricity, and your hair will thank you for it too). If the weather’s too hot, forgo the water heater. Small things like these go a long way.

Turn off the faucet when shampooing to save water.
Going green doesn’t mean you have to look and/or smell funky either. Choosing organic or natural products also go a long way in ensuring the ecosystem’s balance. Maybe your shampoo won’t lather up as impressively (due to lack of sulphates), or your moisturizer won’t smell as lavish (because there are no synthetic fragrances), but hey – it’s good for your health in the long run, too.
Green Beauty E-Shops We Love:
Must buy: Women’s Soap, RM35.90
Made from 13 plant extracts (such as Tea Tree, Honeysuckle, Verbena), this soap can be used from top to toe, and helps keep body odour and pimples at bay. The mild formula won’t strip skin’s natural moisture, and is also recommended for women who spend lots of time in the kitchen.
Must buy: Ultimate 5-Effect Eye Gel, RM49.90
This organic eye gel is great for all skin types, due to its ultra-light texture. Packed with all the goodness of nature like Brazilian Ginseng, White Lily and Marapuama, your delicate eye contours will be looking fresher in no time.
Must buy: Time Release Jasmine Shampoo, price unavailable
Despite a smaller amount of foam, the unique time-release capsules in the shampoo break open upon contact with water to effectively cleanse your hair and scalp, leaving behind a delicate scent of jasmine. By the way, did you know that this Dutch brand’s R&D centre is located on our very own Langkawi island?
Must buy: Aubrey Organics Natural Lips Sheer Tint, RM46
We know how guys are sometimes grossed out about lip products because they seem to think it will poison them. For a perfect pout that he won’t be scared to kiss (it’s organic!), this does the trick, and leaves your lips smooth with organic shea butter.
Must buy: Pot Of Gold Skin Balm, RM69
If you’re always banging into things and getting yourself hurt, or if you’re prone scratches and insect bites, this is for you. This all-in-one super balm makes pretty impressive claims: it heals burns, eczema, sores, cuts, bruises and wounds. What a mouthful!
Remember, being eco-conscious doesn’t have to take place only throughout Earth Month – make it a habit to do something green every day! Even picking up a discarded water bottle from the sidewalk and throwing it into the proper bin helps.


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