Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Ten Best Budget Beauty Buys – EVER! (Part 2)

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On Monday, we shared five of the best ever budget beauty buys below RM50. If you haven’t readPart 1 yet, please do!
For today’s post, everything on this list costs less than RM20. It doesn’t get any better than this, seriously!
5: Sexy Look 3D Duo Lifting Mask, RM5.90 each, from Watsons
Whenever my skin’s feeling a little worse for wear, I turn to this as a quick rescue remedy. Instead of the flimsy tissue-paper quality that tears when you pull too hard, this is made from a sturdy, fabric-like material that allows you to adjust the mask according to your face. The shape is a definite plus point – you can hook the mask behind your ears for an instant lifting effect, and it extends to your neck too so it gets the pampering it deserves.
4: Le’Masque Hazelia Nail Polish, RM10.90, from Magicboo
Strange name aside, this is actually a more-than-decent nail polish. It’s pretty similar to OPI’s liquid sand finish, and is packed with micro-shimmer that makes your manicure look really good without having to be a pro at application. What’s great is that unlike glitter nail polishes that can be a nightmare to remove, this slides off easily with nail polish remover. Even without topcoat, my manicure lasted for 5 days before chipping.
3: Eyebrow Pencil, RM5, from Daiso
It breaks my heart to spend more than RM15 on an eyebrow pencil, so I’m most thankful for Daiso’s existence in Malaysia. After a few trial and errors, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best brow pencil sold at Daiso (you can forgo the others). It’s like an Empro dupe (triangular nib for asy shading and definition), but at a fraction of the price. And to be honest, I think it’s as good as what you can find at premium cosmetic counters. The lasting power’s impressive, too!
2: Liese Free Arrange Hairspray, SGD6.90 (approx. RM17)
I first discovered this in Japan (it’s called Cape there, not Liese), and was first attracted to the cute packaging. Turns out it’s the best hairspray I’ve ever used! It doesn’t leave your hair feeling stiff like a helmet, but holds stray hair in place like a boss. Fortunately for us, they have this in Singapore now, available in two sizes (travel size as pictured, and a deluxe one that’s three times the amount for SGD9.90). This definitely gives L’Oreal Elnett a run for its money.
1: Muji Pencil Eyeliner , NT140 (approx. RM14)
We have Muji in Malaysia, but rather disappointingly they failed to bring in the most interesting things Muji is known for – cosmetics and food! Whenever I have friends visiting from Hong Kong/Taiwan, this is one of the items I ask them to help me buy. I’m already on my 3rd eyeliner, and nobody else makes them as good as Muji does. Even though it’s a pencil liner, it doesn’t smudge easily, and it goes on super-smooth! This comes HIGHLY recommended!
We hope you like these products as much as we do (and we’re not being paid to recommend them, if you’re wondering!) If you have any wonderful beauty steals you’d like to share, please tell us!

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