Friday, May 17, 2013

Girls With Glasses

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Many girls I know who wear glasses have shared their woes of not knowing how to accentuate their features. “My glasses hide my eyes – nobody can see my makeup anyway!” said one friend, who has since decided to skip applying makeup altogether.
Inspired by that, here are some simple yet totally workable ways to amp up your confidence, no matter what type of gasses you’re wearing.
Brighten Up With A Statement Lip
(L-R): Tina Fey, Kathleen Robertson, Leona Lewis
If you wear thick-rimmed glasses, lucky you! That’s because you can pull off a bright statement lip without looking too made-up during the daytime. Take a leaf from these celebs’ books and try eye-catching shades like fuchsia, coral, violet or crimson. That’s geek chic done right.
Keep Eye Makeup Clean But Defined
(L-R): Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston
Heavy eye makeup can look dirty if you’re planning to wear glasses on top. Keep your eye makeup clean yet defined. Here’s how: Line the upper lashline with eyeliner and blend with a brush or eyeshadow applicator to soften the line. Using the same eyeliner, lightly trace your lower lashline as close as possible. Clean away any fallout with a cotton pad or fan brush.
Bring On The Sizzle With Shimmer 
(L-R): Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Who said you can’t look sexy with glasses on? Sexiness doesn’t always have to be eyeliner slicked up to your temples and black eyeshadow rimmed all around. Make your eyes pop with shimmery eyeshadow, blended on the inner corners and underneath the lower lashline. Add a little va-va-voom with curling mascara to darken your lashes too.
It’s Completely OK To Go Au Naturel
(L-R): Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad, Megan Fox
Feel like a zombie, but have to drag yourself out of bed? Don’t fret – you glasses help hide your features from the unforgiving rays of sunlight. Just make sure those brows are well-groomed, and nobody will notice if you’re not wearing any eye makeup!
How Not To Do It
As kindly demonstrated by Rose McGowan and resident Hollywood weirdo Helena Bonham Carter, crazy frames and crazy makeup WILL look crazy, even on celebrities.
  • Avoid choosing frames that are too bulky for your face, especially if you love wearing acrylic or plastic glasses.
  • Smoky eye makeup looks dirty when paired with glasses, so try to stay away from grey or dark-toned eyeshadow.
Even boy wonder Justin Bieber isn’t spared from poorly-informed spectacle choices, so that makes him human after all, just like all of us.


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