Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Blues: 5 Ways To Work The Season’s Hottest Shade

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It goes without saying (what with the unbelievable heat wave and all) that it’s perpetually summer in Malaysia.
What we don’t like about it:
  • Five minutes out under the sun and your hair is limp and our makeup is melting.
  • You will get funny looks if you step out of your home in knee-high boots.
  • Ditto for thick cardigans/woolen beanies/fur mufflers.
What we like about it:
  • Beach holidays ALL YEAR ROUND.
  • Your bikini top doubles as a bra.
  • You can wear coloured makeup and nobody gives a hoot about it being autumn or winter (because it simply doesn’t exist here).
Mention summer and the first thing that comes to mind are shimmering azure seas against the backdrop of an endless pastel blue sky. Well, at least that’s what we think of.
And so it comes to the IT colour of summer: blue. Lots and lots of blue in every shade imaginable.
We’re not sure who or what started the fixation on blue for almost every beauty brand on the market, but one thing’s for sure, though. We’re loving it.
Gone are the days when garish pastel blue eyeshadow was only to be paired with an equally garish shade of pink (think Hunger Games Capitol-style). Then it was the already-predictable colour combination of blue and coral, which has been done to death.
Emmagem has some totally wearable makeup tricks that will show you there’s nothing to fear about adding a bit of colour to your life. Just for kicks, try searching ‘blue eye makeup’ on Google – you’d be horrified by most of the looks that surface.
Too much blue on our yellow-undertoned skin can make us look rather washed-out, so the trick to pulling off blue eye makeup is to use it sparingly and subtly. That means shading the entire eyelid in blue is out.
  • Lining the lower lashline with neon blue eyeliner, or even a deep sapphire shade.
  • Substituting your usual black/brown mascara for one that packs a punch of colour.
  • Using blue as an accent shade instead of the main colour. For example, do up a smoky eye in brown, and add a touch of navy along the upper lashline in place of eyeliner.
1) Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book II
2) Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Eye Color Palette
3) Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara
4) MAC Chromagraphic Eye Pencil in Cyan

The fun thing about playing with blue nail polish is that you can go to the extreme and nobody will judge you for it. Look for those packed with glittery bits in them, which are a breeze to apply.
  • Painting all your nails in a light blue, except for two nails. Apply a deep, metallic turquoise to the remaining two nails.
  • Different shades of blue for each foot. (Writer’s note: I do that all the time!)
Tip: With dark, pigmented shades, always prep nails with a base coat to prevent staining.
1) Butter London 3 Free Nail Color in Poole
2) Covo Cosmetics Nail Polish in Maldives
3) OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Tiffany Case
4) Dior Vernis in Bird Of Paradise and Samba

 (Main image: Rankin for Stylist AW. Other images:, Dan Mc Mahon)

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