Monday, June 10, 2013

5 Beauty Trends That Need To Go Away

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We’ve had our fair share of ingenious beauty trends over the years, like the invention of Clarisonic and BB Creams and ceramic-coated hair curlers, to name a few. However, there are also stupid ones that you wish would just disappear, because they don’t seem to do anything beneficial, like improve the way you look. Like these below:
Coloured Circle Lenses
Iris-enlarging contact lenses are one of my pet hates, because they give the wearer a perpetually vacant stare. To make matters worse, they’re often available in a myriad of strange (read: unnatural) colours like violet, bright blue or turquoise. If you’re into cosplay, it’s fine. But wearing them every day is just strange, not to mention bad for your eyes (read more on how cheap contact lenses can damage your eyes permanently here). Looking like a crazed vampire isn’t flattering at all.
Too-Dramatic False Lashes
Here’s proof that too much of a good thing can in fact (pardon my language) suck big time. Yes, fake lashes make your eyes look awesomely huge, but bear in mind that having two fans stuck on your eyes isn’t very pretty at all. Taiwanese girls are known for their ‘face-transforming’ skills, and it’s common for them to use up to three of four lashes stuck together (!!!!!!!). Stick to natural false lashes that don’t look like they were made from bird’s feathers.
Ombre Hair
This is just so last year. They look great in photos and all, but constant bleaching can take its toll on hair, making it brittle and fragile. When the colour starts to fade, then the nightmare officially begins. I’ve seen bad colour jobs that look like vomit-coloured helmets. What’s worse is that because the hair has been bleached, you’ll have to grow it out.
Stick-Straight Rebonded Locks
Many years ago, I tried a temporary straightening hairdo, and I was horrified. Hairstylists lament having to work on rebonded hair, because the structure of the hair has been chemically and permanently flattened, so it won’t hold any style except falling flat (if you consider that a style). Thankfully now there’s relaxing to opt for, but many people still like their hair stick-straight, for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom.
Caviar Manicures
This is probably the most pointless trend on the face of the earth. On the practicality scale, I’d gladly give them a zero. Imagine painstakingly applying all these tiny beads to your nails, only to have them fall off whenever you touch anything. Imagine having to rub your eye and getting these beads IN your eyes (ouch!). Imagine eating something with your hands only to realize you might have ingested some of these beads along with your food. Now, please re-consider that caviar manicure.
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