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Beauty School: 5 Ways To Look Younger Instantly!

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Okay, I fully admit – I dread getting old. I’m so paranoid of wrinkles that I started using anti-ageing eye cream when I was 23. Honestly, I think most of my time spent in front of the mirror is used to scrutinize every potential wrinkle/spot/zit. If you share my sentiments, we’re definitely not alone! That’s why today’s article is dedicated to ways you can look younger in minutes, because truth be told, sometimes we just don’t have time to go through the whole shebang and wait 3 months for results, eh?
#1 – Get Bangs
A long fringe might be more practical, but most of the time it does nothing to flatter your face shape. Plus, the length makes you look older than you really are! If you’re looking for an instant youthful look, bangs are the way to go. They cover your forehead so less of your face is exposed, thus giving the visual illusion of a slimmer, narrower face. Try blunt bangs like Camilla Belle’s (above), or even a peekaboo-forehead one ala Kim Kardashian (below).
#2 – Lighten Your Hair Colour
If you’re very fair, black hair can look a bit harsh on you. Go a few shades lighter to brighten up your skintone and make you look instantly younger. Bright red or ashy-brown shades are very flattering on Asian skintones, which tend to be yellow-based. Avoid blonde or light browns, which can make you look washed-out.
#3 – Highlight Your Facial Contours
As age catches up with us, our facial contours start to sag. Highlighting is the best ‘secret’ tool for all women, regardless of age. With a few strategically-placed highlights, you can make your nose bridge more prominent, cheekbones higher, etc. Apply highlighter on areas of your face that are higher, ie. forehead, nose bridge, browbones, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and chin. Viola – instant facelift!
#4 – Curl Your Lashes
This is one of the most underestimated (yet most useful) tricks in the book! Try it for yourself – curl your lashes before you apply mascara. The next day, apply mascara without curling your lashes. Compare both outcomes and you’d be surprised how much wider your eyes look after curling the lashes. Even without makeup on, curling your lashes ‘lifts’ the eyelid and makes eyes look less droopy.
#5 – Exfoliate & Hydrate
If your skin’s looking a little worse for wear, it can make you seem tired and dull. For an immediate fix, exfoliate your face and neck with a gentle scrub, and follow with a hydrating mask (sheet, cream or gel) for 20 minutes. In just a short period of time, your skin will look brighter, plumper and younger! For long-lasting results, we recommend doing this twice a week.
Which technique worked best for you? Do share!

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