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Gadgets Of Glory: 5 Beauty Devices That Do The Work For You

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Just like how the boys have their gaming toys and tech stuff, us girls are not on the losing end of the bench either. In recent years, we’ve had our share of beauty gadgets tech-y enough to rival even the most complicated gaming console in the market.
Laugh at us you may, guys, but what our toys can do, yours definitely can’t. At least when the going gets tough, we can whip out our trusty tools with the guarantee that we’ll be looking way better than before. Now that’s something I’ve yet to see from a Microsoft Surface/Xbox.
For skin as soft as a baby’s bottom
Clarisonic Plus
Think of it as a battery-operated toothbrush – for your face. The technology behind the Clarisonic is similar to that of the toothbrush, but instead of rotating in one direction, the brush head rotates back and forth, creating micro-vibrations that loosen dirt and grime trapped within your pores. The Plus comes with a different brush head for the body, so you can also work the Clarisonic magic on those nasty scaly patches.
We have to say, though: Although addictive, I’ve noticed that frequent use (twice a day) of my Clarisonic gives me tiny bumps on my skin (also experienced by beauty blogger My Women Stuff) as if it’s going into overdrive. So if you’re going through the same thing, best to limit use to once or twice a week.
For younger and brighter skin
Talika Light Duo
Inspired by NASA’s findings that lights of different wavelengths can help speed up a wound’s recovery process, French brand Talika created a handheld futuristic pod-like device with two different-coloured lights on each side. One side houses an orange light with a 590nm frequency, which is supposed to promote collagen production. The other emits a green light with a 525nm frequency, which lightens and prevents pigmentation. In fact, you can even use the device on its own, without any complementary skincare products.
We have to say, though: Results can take a while to show (reviewers only noticed a change somewhere north of two months), and the device isn’t cheap. If quick results are what you’re after, you might want to reconsider this.
To purify the air around you
Sharp Portable Plasmacluster Mobile Air Ioniser
Trust the Japanese to come up with something so weird yet makes sense when you think about it. We unknowingly breathe in millions of airborne viruses each day, even more so when were out of the house. The mobile air ioniser ‘kills’ these viruses by removing the hydrogen particles needed for them to survive. As a result, you breathe in cleaner, purer air no matter where you are. Some people even say that the handheld device helps get rid of pungent smells like durian or damp laundry!
We have to say, though: We’re not really sure about the practicality of this device. True, it might help keep away harmful bacteria, but unless you’re prone to falling sick, you might not be able to really tell a difference. Well, maybe if you eat durians every day….
Slims you down with electric micro-currents
ReFa Pro
Okay, bad jokes aside about the shape of the product, this is actually a very established brand in Japan. It does come in other non-suggestive, safe-for-work designs, but this is supposed to be the crème de la crème of all ReFas. The ‘V’ shape simulates the angle of an aesthetician’s hands when massaging your face or body, while the octagonal-shaped platinum-coated rollers deliver a micro-current that helps to rejuvenate cells.
We have to say, though: This baby here costs about RM1,200 (to be fair it uses a solar panel so you don’t have to charge it, but still…) And we’re still not exactly sure how diligent we’ll be in terms of getting this out every night without fail and rolling it on our face and body.
The luxury version of a home spa
Panasonic Nanocare Facial Steamer
Talk about bringing ‘home spa’ to another level altogether! We quite like the idea of having a facial steamer at home, because it’s definitely more budget-friendly in the long run if you life going for facials. The alternating hot-cold steam apparently works wonders to keep your skin clear and supple, Imagine steaming your face before applying a mask – it preps your skin so more skincare goodness is absorbed. And it’s so cute!
We have to say, though: Again, would we be getting our money’s worth? Also, it’s hard to exercise self-control and stop yourself from steaming your face every day (too much of a good thing isn’t good). But we have to agree that the idea is pretty tempting…
Would you spend more than RM1,000 on a beauty gadget? Share your thoughts with us!

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