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Budget-Friendly Mask Sheets with Yummy Ingredient Combos!

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Nowadays, ‘maintenance’ for one’s perfect skin is way more affordable than it used to be. You can easily get a good quality sheet mask for RM5. What we absolutely love about Korean and Taiwanese sheet masks is the creative combination of ingredients. It makes the experience even more exciting and worth looking forward to, as opposed to the usual ‘ah yes, I’m just going to use my boring lavender sheet mask tonight’.
Somehow, the thought of using a pineapple and mandarin orange mask sparks a different type of excitement. Here are 5 delectable masks to try out this month!
Tips on how to get the best out of your sheet mask:
  • Store it in the fridge for an instant cooling and pore-refining effect on hot days.
  • Keep the leftover essence and use it as a face serum the next day.
  • Don’t leave the mask on for too long – as it dries, it draws moisture out from your skin too! 20 minutes will suffice.
  • If your skin is feeling particularly under the weather, use a sheet mask daily for 5 days to help boost hydration levels. Think of it as an intensive treat for your dry, tired skin.

Naruko Mandarin Orange & Pineapple Pore Refining Mask
RM19.90 for box of 5, Watsons

Mandarin Orange: Helps fight spots and blemishes. The essential oil also has rejuvenating benefits due to its zesty scent.
Pineapple: Packed with enzymes that help to exfoliate skin, leaving it soft, smooth and free from pore-clogging dirt.

Love More Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Sheet
RM7.90, Watsons

Loofah: Young loofah powder is commonly used to reduce swelling and detoxify the skin. Perfect for tired skin with clogged pores!
Aloe Vera: The perfect hydrating ingredient for people with ultra-sensitive skin. Aloe vera doesn’t irritate skin, and is known to be very mild.

Baviphat Woori Gokmul Oatmeal Mask Sheet
RM5.90, Hishop

Oatmeal: Soothes aggravated skin and reduces inflammation. The mild exfoliating effect is also good for those with sensitive skin.
Shea Butter: Intensely moisturises skin. Many moisturising products use the power of shea butter to help repair traces of severe dryness on the skin.

My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk Mask
RM4.90, Guardian

Strawberry: Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), a fruit acid that sloughs off dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin.
Milk: Softens and hydrates the skin. It’s said that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to keep her skin smooth.

My Scheming Beauty Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask
RM4.90, Watsons

Green Tea: It’s packed with antioxidants, which help to fight against free radical attacks. Free radicals are atoms that react with our cells to accelerate the process of ageing.
Barley: Traditionally used to cool down the body. It has detoxifying properties, and with frequent use, can also brighten skin tone.

Here’s to having better, clearer skin! :)

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