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Melt-Proof Beauty: How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long!

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I absolutely detest having my painstakingly-applied makeup melt to nothingness on hot days. One of the biggest problems I have is oily skin, especially around the T-zone. Plus, smudged eyeliner is not flattering, unless you’re Avril Lavigne or Taylor Momsen, I guess.
Over time and after countless trial and error, I’ve discovered a few simple ways to make my makeup stay put, regardless of weather. Hopefully, these tips will work just as well for you too!
Use an eyeshadow primer
If you frequently wear eyeshadow or eyeliner (like me!), investing in a good eyeshadow primer is definitely a MUST. It gives your eyeshadow/eyeliner something to hold on to, by absorbing excess sebum from your skin and smoothing out fine lines on the skin’s surface.
There are two common types of shadow primer: one is like a silicone-type balm that goes on smooth and velvety, and the other is more like a tinted concealer-makeup base hybrid that has a more fluid texture. What’s good about the silicone-based primer is that it goes on really easily, but sometimes tends to rub off in ‘noodles’ if you apply too much. For the concealer hybrid, blending requires a bit of practice, but your eyelids stay prepped and pretty.
Long-Wear Eye Base (RM95)
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Base (RM95), which is of the concealer hybrid type mentioned above. It comes in three shades, and helps to absorb oil on the eyelids, so you won’t end up with panda eyes at the end of the day.

Lay off on the foundation
When it comes to foundation, less is more. Nothing is less attractive than streaky, cakey foundation that’s on the verge of cracking whenever you smile or talk. The best way to prevent this is to use as little foundation as possible. Even better, trade it in for concealer, and only apply wherever necessary, like around the eyes, nose and chin to hide traces of redness.
As for powder foundation, I say: forget it. It cakes up in the very worst way possible, and never gives an even finish. Your base makeup should look like it doesn’t exist, and powder foundation breaks that rule.
Which leads us to…

Set makeup with baby powder
Baby powder is by far the best loose powder ever! It’s cheap, good and effective in controlling oil production. What I love most about it is that it goes on translucent. After sunblock and concealer, I pat it over my face and buff away excess with a towel so my face doesn’t look like a geisha.
The argument out there is that you can achieve the same effect with translucent loose powder, but personally, I’m not too bothered with spending RM100 on a colourless powder which is only supposed to set my makeup. And I’ve tried it too – it doesn’t work as well as baby powder.
Johnson’s Milk Baby Powder (RM3.50). It smells great, and works great!

Always layer your products
Layering is a very effective way in setting makeup, especially for waxy textured products like eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, which smudge like crazy the moment it comes into contact with oily skin. The trick to making your brows and liner stay put is to layer an identical shade of brow powder or powder eyeshadow following the same shape you traced with the pencil.
It’s a two-way relationship with this one: pencils give you great colour intensity without lasting powder, and powders give you a lasting finish but with lame colour payoff. Combine the two together and bam! – you get the best of two worlds.

Opt for powdered blotting paper
Oil Blotting Paper Indispensable in Summer
Why? Because it instantly restores your skin to a comfortable matte finish, without looking cakey! These nifty blotting papers are coated with a thin layer of powder, which transfers to your face when you pat them on. I love this because it fits easily into a clutch, as opposed to a compact which takes up so much space.
Gatsby Oil Clear (RM10.95) A makeup artist friend recommended it to me, and it’s honestly the best alternative to carrying around a tub of loose powder. It’s originally meant for guys, so you’ll find it in the men’s skincare section.

Do let us know if these tricks worked for you!

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