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Mascara Madness: In Search of Awesome Eyelashes

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As a typical Chinese girl with single eyelids, my eyelashes are pretty non-existent. I’m extremely envious of girls with lush, long lashes that curl upwards and seem to go on forever. Heck, I knew a model who told me her eyelashes were so long, she had to get them trimmed regularly! Of course I was secretly green with envy.
There are a few ways to enhance your lashes, the most common being false lashes and extensions. I’m not comfortable with false eyelashes (they’re a pain to stick on), and I don’t really care for eyelash extensions because it’s a nightmare when they start falling out. That’s why I find myself going back to good old mascaras to boost ‘em lashes.
Nowadays, it’s not one wand fits all. You can easily find a plethora of mascaras in every finish and formula imaginable. Big wands, small wands, even tiny wands specially designed for miniscule lower lashes (like Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara) – your choices are endless. So, what’s new in the land of mascaras?

The Expandable Brush
Same product, but two different wands in a tube. Usually, one brush delivers a more natural finish, while the other piles on more drama. With the simple turn of a dial, you can choose your desired effect. What we’d like to know, though, is whether it will still work when the mascara’s formula dries up…
(From left): Revlon CustomEyes Mascara, price unavailable. Rimmel Glam’Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara, RM39.90

The Non-Brush Brush
What’s special about these brushes is that, er, they’re not actually brushes per se. The design is supposed to allow even distribution of mascara on all lashes. We’ve got to give them props for creativity, but we forsee frequent pokes in the eyes and/or horrible smudges while getting used to the unconventional shape and design.
no brush
(From left): Avon Mega Effects Mascara, RM38. Kate Art Dial Mascara, RM59

The Plastic Bristled Brush
Shaped like a cactus, this brush has stiff, pointy bristles that minimize clumping. The thin bristles pick up less product from within the tube, and distribute it evenly on lashes. It’s also very useful for girls with short, sparse lashes on the inner corners of the eyes as the tip of the wand tapers down to a slim point.
(From left): Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, RM90. Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara, RM39.90

Let’s also take a look at some of the new formulas in town:
Gel formula
Contains less hard wax, so lashes don’t attain a ‘crunchy’, brittle feeling. The ultra-light formula coats each lash individually by forming a tube around it, making it darker, glossier and thicker. Upon contact with warm water, these ‘tubes’ just slip right off, so removal is a breeze.

Elastic formula
Polymers in the elastic formula result in a stretchable texture that gives lashes extra length and volume when you comb the mascara through them. Bourjois’ Elastic Mascara (available on Strawberrynet) is enriched with hevea from the rubber tree, allowing the formula to stretch up to 130% its original length.

Built-in serum formula
Think of it as the mascara version of a BB cream – makeup with skincare benefits. Enriched with lash serum, these mascaras give you the cosmetic edge while conditioning lashes with ingredients like keratin, hyaluronic acid, centella and some other types of proteins. With frequent use, lashes become stronger and healthier.

However, there is still one thing. The golden question of why we have to open our mouths when we apply mascara has yet to be answered.

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