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Detox: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Skin & Body

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 Let’s do a quick test here:
  • You LOVE your share of Malaysian food, no matter what time of the day.
  • Anything deep-fried – YUM!
  • Dinner is your most important meal of the day, and it’s often after 8.30pm.
  • You get breakouts and pimples quite often.
  • You drink (on average) once a week.
  • After you drink, dim supper is a must.
  • You also love Starbucks, and drink coffee almost every day.
  • You’ve noticed that your cellulite is becoming more obvious.
  • Your arms and thighs are soft and flabby.
  • Exercise – what’s that?
  • Your job consists of sitting at your desk, going for lunch, and sitting at your desk some more.
  • You drink less than 500ml of water a day.
  • Usually when you wake up, your eyes look puffy, swollen and bloodshot.
  • You feel depressed and that everyone hates you (and you hate everyone).
  • Constipation is a pressing problem.
If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to more than 5 of the statements above, welcome to city life as we know it. Even though living in Kuala Lumpur (or any other big city, for that matter) is great, sometimes your lifestyle can take a toll on your body.
Your body isn’t designed to withstand the stress, and it reacts by accumulating toxins within, causing skin problems, depression, weight gain, and ultimately more serious health problems. When your body is laden with toxins, you feel heavy, tired and easily irritated. We ask professional aesthetician and certified wellness consultant Stephanie Yong for more advice on all you need to know about detox.
What’s the deal about detox?
“Every day, your body is exposed to polluted air and radiation from electronic gadgets. Chances are, you prefer eating out, and with dinner time that often goes beyond 9pm, there aren’t exactly a lot of choices except fast food and the mamak. Detoxing helps your body to get rid of all the harmful toxins trapped inside your body. Think of it as an internal ‘spring cleaning’ session.”
So, how often should we detox?
“Ideally, we should detox the body two to three times a year. That’s if you’re opting for a serious detoxifying programme, which consists of drinking only juices and fluids for a certain period of time. I always recommend consulting your doctor before doing this, so you know what types of nutrients your body needs.”
Is there an easier way to practice detox for beginners?
“Well, you can try cutting down on red meat, preserved food, oil and salt. Eat more vegetables during every meal, and once a month, try to go one day without meat. It gives your body time to rest and at the same time, helps flush out toxins. However, those with a family history of diabetes should watch the types of fruits they eat, because some fruits like grapes are high in sucrose. You can also drink lemon water, which is alkali-based. It helps neutralize the acidity of unhealthy foods.”
detox (1)
What types of food are great for detox?
‘If you want to get the best out of your fruits and veggies, they’re best eaten raw. Try to have a balance of colours in your diet, like red cabbage (purple), carrots (orange), celery (green), beet root (red)…
If you’re trying to detox, stock up on nuts like almonds and pine nuts, which contain fats that are good for the body and prevent premature ageing. Just make sure they’re not coated with sugar or salt.”
Can detox give you better skin?
“When you first detox, you’ll get pimples. That’s your skin’s way of flushing out toxins. These pimples should go away after a week or so. Similarly, if you use organic skincare, you usually develop mild rashes for the first few days. No need to worry, because that’s also your skin detoxifying itself. Exfoliation is also a great way to detox your skin. The granules in a face or body scrub remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. This in turn helps to pump more oxygen into your cells. You’ll notice that your skin will start to glow naturally after a few weeks! When your body is clean, you’ll get less acne too!”
Can you show us a simple detoxifying massage?
“This is great for puffy eyes, especially when you’re feeling tired in the morning. After cleansing, apply eye cream around the eye area. Using your fingertips, apply pressure to the points as shown, starting from the inner part of your eyebrows, moving outwards. Repeat the same motions, along the lower eyelid, beginning from the inner corners of the eyes. The movement should be in a press-release-press-release motion.”
Common misconceptions about detoxing:
Detox is just about drinking fluids to flush out toxins. ”I believe that detox is a ‘body, mind and soul’ thing. It’s not just about not eating meat. When you exercise, you sweat – that’s your body’s natural detoxification process at work. When you meditate or do yoga, you relax your mind. That helps to make you mentally stronger and happier too. Even going for a massage can help with detox. It stimulates blood circulation and loosens stiff muscles, so toxins are able to be expelled faster.”
I can jump right into a detox programme right away. ”That’s one of the biggest mistakes people make. When you immediately switch to a fluid diet, your body goes into shock because it’s not prepared. That’s why people faint or feel nauseous when they detox. You should prepare your body 3 days before starting a proper detox diet, by gradually cutting down and omitting meat and other not-so-healthy food. Similarly, when you ease back into your usual routine after detoxing, do it gradually. Don’t complete a detox programme and immediately eat a steak the next day. Your body will reject it and you’ll most likely end up purging.”
We hope you’ll find these tips useful in helping you maintain a better lifestyle. Let’s do this together and work towards a new, improved you in no time!

stephanie1About the expert
Stephanie Yong, founder of Celebrity Beaute Salon, is a professional aesthetician with over 20 years of experience, and is also a certified wellness consultant. Her motto in life is ‘all good things must be shared’, and she strongly advocates beauty from the inside out. She believes that flawless skin stems from the combination of clean, healthy eating, a balanced mind and an organic beauty routine. For more information, click here.


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