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Trend Redux: The Best (And Worst!) Of Autumn/Winter 2013

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Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It’s the time of the year when trends start to take on a darker, more sultry tone, and you can wear dark(er) lipstick without having to explain yourself. This year, runway beauty looks were either a hit or a miss, but thankfully the hits outnumbered the misses. Here’s a look at our favourites and our not-so-favourites:

Top 3 Best Beauty Trends
Brows That Match (Your Hair Colour)
As seen on: Dior (pictured), Victoria Beckham
Filling in your brows in a too-light or too-dark shade is one of the biggest mistakes women make. It might seem trivial, but matching your brows to your hair colour is VERY important! For us Asians, the default brow colour of choice is dark brown, but when you have bleached blonde or ash-grey hair, trust me, it’s weird. Same goes vice versa – remember when Tyra Banks went on a brow-bleaching rampage on America’s Next Top Model? The models looked like aliens. Always be matchy-matchy, but make sure those brows don’t seem tattooed on, please!

Matte Burgundy Lips
As seen on: Vera Wang (pictured), Antonio Marras
What can we say? Burgundy is sexier, more elegant and lasts you through the night (if you compare it with red lippie). Even after dinner and a few drinks, the colour fades to a pretty stain-like effect, which you usually don’t get with bright, creamy reds. You can either define your lips by tracing the shape with a lip brush and filling in in the same way, or you can opt for a sheer stain by dabbing on colour with your fingertip.

Beautifully Blunt Bangs
As seen on: Emilio Pucci (pictured), Burberry
Blunt haircuts are back! About time, too. We were getting a bit tired of wispy fringes and ends. This season, a lot of the focus is on thick, heavy bangs. They’re low-maintenance too – all you need to do after shampooing is comb it forward and allow it to air dry, which creates a more casual look ala Alexa Chung. If a volumised effect is what you desire, blast the hairdryer downwards while holding a barrel brush underneath.

Top 3 Worst Beauty Trends
The Undead @ Giles
I don’t think this trend will pick up, unless you’re going for a zombie-fied look. It’s more creepy undead, and less ethereal ‘Lord-of-the-Rings’, if you see where I’m coming from.

The ‘I’m-too-busy-to-wash-my-hair’ @ Marni
A comb-over has never looked this bad, until this. Lank, oily roots and hair stuck to your forehead? No matter how good your makeup looks, baby, we still notice your hair first.

The Mullet @ Marc Jacobs
Some trends from the ‘80s should never be revived. This is one of them.  End of story.

Which are your favourite trends?

(Images: hautetalk.com, lolaandbehold.blogspot.com, fashionisingpictures.net, condenast.co.uk, blurbs-blog.blogspot.com, graziadaily.co.uk)

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