Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Awesomely Effective Beauty Hacks (Part 1)

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of ‘life hack’ posts circulating on Facebook, teaching you how to improve your life in tiny ways you never imagined possible. My current favourite is the ‘paper clip phone cable tidier’, which keeps stray micro USB plugs away from unassuming feet. I no longer have to worry about stepping on one anymore. Trust me, it hurts. Real bad.
Today’s post is about beauty hacks, which, like life hacks, make your life easier. Looking pretty just got a whole lot easier. I practice these on a regular basis, so I can vouch for their effectiveness. Honestly, some beauty hacks on Pinterest don’t work AT ALL, so don’t believe everything you read! Except what you read on Emmagem, that is. ;P

#10: Use cotton squares to remove eyeshadow fallout.
Some Internet tips call for you to pile on a whole load of loose powder under your eyes before applying dark eyeshadow, but personally I find it impractical because it makes my face look cakey. What I have found to work for me, however, is to swipe away any fallout with a clean, dry cotton pad, which leaves your undereye area super clean. Get those that are sealed on the sides as they’re more durable. And oh, by the way, trying to get rid of shadow fallout with tissue – it doesn’t work.

#9: In hotels, use the hair dryer to defog the mirror after a long hot shower.
Hotel bathrooms are meant to be used to their full potential. A 10-minute shower at home usually transpires to be a full hour inside a hotel bathroom, fiddling with the high-tech bathtub, smelling the complimentary toiletries, and enjoying a major part of the night unwinding. Yes, in the toilet. But hot showers and long soaks fog up the mirror like nobody’s business, but nothing a blast of cool air from the hair dryer can’t fix. Works every single time.

#8: Massage clear lipbalm over dry, itchy patches on elbows or knees.
Sometimes, your skin just decides to go on strike when you least expect it. I get rough bits on my arms and legs for no reason. It’s uncomfortable knowing it exists, so I usually massage a bit of clear lipbalm over the area to tide me through until I get home. Instantly, the rough patch looks and feels smoother. You can use Vaseline the same way, but a tiny bit will do, because it is a nightmare trying to remove the grease from your clothes/bedsheets.

#7: Sprinkle baby powder over greasy roots for matte, volumised hair.
Not every girl has time to shampoo her hair every day (yours truly included)! On days when dragging yourself into the shower feels like a chore, freshen up oily roots by sprinkling baby powder over them. Massage it in and rub with a towel to remove and white residue. Personally I think it works better than dry shampoo (even Batiste). Just make sure to use a clarifying shampoo afterwards to remove any traces of buildup that might clog the pores on your scalp.

#6: Paper napkins (like the ones from Starbucks) make great facial blotters.
I used to have an entire stash of Starbucks napkins during my university days. They make really good facial blotters (sizes are generous too), and can even be used to blot away extra shine on the scalp! However, the paper towels in mall toilets that are meant for you to wipe your hands dry – those work really well too. Even without pressed powder on hand, you can still achieve a beautifully matte complexion with a paper napkin.

Next week: Part 2 of our awesomely effective beauty hacks!


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