Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Awesomely Effective Beauty Hacks (Part 2)

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Last week, we shared five of our tried-and-true beauty hacks. Today, here’s five more! We hope you will find these tips useful as well.

#5: Mix sugar or salt to your body shampoo – instant body scrub!
When I was in high school, I desperately wanted a body scrub, having read about it on the Internet (dial-up, of course). Unfortunately in my hometown, choices were limited, so the coolest body product I could find was Impulse Shower Gel, which during my time, was THE in thing. So what I did was mix a bit of sugar to my shower gel to make my own body scrub, and it worked! Tip: only mix what you need, because it won’t keep for long, and it’s kind of gross when the sugar or salt has melted.

#4: Wipe glitter nail polish clean off your nails with tin foil wraps.
This works like a dream. Cut a cotton square into 4 quarters and soak in nail polish remover. Place each quarter on top of your nail and wrap it up with tin foil, stolen from the kitchen. Leave on for a few minutes, and slide each foil wrap off. The glitter comes right off! Definitely beats trying to rub/scrape off that blasted glitter and getting it all over your fingers.

#3: Use matte light brown eyeshadow as brow powder.
Because my eyebrows are naturally non-existent, I find brow powders a tad too dark for me. I always end up looking like a drag queen. Until I discovered eyeshadow. Choose a matte light brown (Sephora’s house brand has lots of shades to choose from, but if like me, you prefer a less-than-RM10 budget, try places like 100Yen Shop, Hyaku Land and Daiso) shade and use it like you normally would brow powder.

#2: Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for long-lasting curls!
I tried an experiment once: on one eye, I curled my lashes with the heated eyelash curler. On my other eye, I used the curler as is. Result: The curls from the heated curler side lasted all day long without drooping! There might be concerns that heating the curling pad regularly causes the rubber to disintegrate quickly, but so far I’ve been doing this for half a year now and my lash curler still works fine.

#1: Store tubes with the cap side upwards to prevent leakage.

I’m a clean freak, so I absolutely hate it when my facial cleansers start to leak after months of usage. I also don’t like it when the product collects around the nozzle, creating a ring of congealed gunk. So I store all my tubes with the cap side facing upwards. This prevents leakage, and the caps stay clean! Maybe this is more of an OCD thing, but it makes me feel better because my facial cleansers don’t feel grimy or slippery.


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