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Braided Beauty: 4 Braids For ALL Hair Lengths!!

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When I had long hair, I was forever sticking it in a side braid. It kept my hair out of the way so I could work properly, and it was the best and most flattering way to hide a misshapen haircut that had not been trimmed for over a year. I’ve since chopped it off for want of a sleeker shoulder-length bob, but I still fancy myself some braids once in a while, but done differently of course. That’s why today’s focus is on braids that are suitable for all hair lengths.
The magic lies in there are no rules when it comes to braiding your hair. Go sleek and chic with super-tight, ultra-neat braids, or take a walk on the grunge side with heavily backcombed locks, tugged into a haphazard fishtail. Your braids will look great either way, so you don’t have to be too careful with technique.

Tie-back braids
Braids (4)
Perfect for the office, this style keeps your hair in check while adding bonus style points. It also makes your face appear slimmer (by drawing hair away from your face and tying it up, you get an instant face-lift effect)!
How to:
  1. Section off two small parts on each side and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail.
  2. Braid each small part and secure with elastic bands.
  3. Bring both braids to the back of your head and tie them together in the center where they meet.
  4. You can add a hairclip to hide the visible elastic band or leave as is.

Thick single braid
Braids (5)
Also safe for work, this exudes professionalism, but the pumped-up volume shows that it’s not just a carelessly-done braid. A side braid is perfect for casual Fridays and weekends, while a shiny center-braid spells effortless chic.
How to:
  1. Prep hair by curling or crimping it for extra volume. This works best on clean, just-shampooed hair (oily roots make your braid look flat!).
  2. Brush out your hair to make it even more voluminous.
  3. Make a thick braid down the back of your head, or put your hair into a side braid.
  4. Fix in place with strong hold hairspray, avoiding the roots. 

Up & down braids
Braids (2)
No time to shampoo your hair? Spray your roots with dry shampoo, and do a quick up & down! Kind of like a grunge-rock hybrid, this style goes well with an ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude and an equally rebellious outfit.
How to:
  1. Pick random small sections of hair and braid them.
  2. Secure the ends with elastic bands.
  3. Mess up your hair by scrunching wax onto the lengths and ends.
  4. You can also section off your hair to one side and braid a large chunk. Leave the rest loose.

Super-skinny pigtail braids
Braids (1)
We love how versatile these pigtail braids are! You can even do this before hitting the gym. It keeps pesky stray strands from poking into your eyes, and you’ll look cute even while pounding away on the treadmill. Win-win situation, we say.
How to:
  1. Prep hair by untangling it with a wide-toothed comb and applying shine serum. This helps keep your braids skinny.
  2. Braid tightly using the style you desire (fishtail, twist-braid, conventional 3-strand) and secure the ends.
  3. For added texture, weave a coloured ribbon into your hair. Pin it to the inner side of your scalp and braid as per normal.

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