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NOHEM Skincare: Way To Go Organic!

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With the awareness of health-consciousness on the rise, more and more women are turning to natural or organic beauty solutions. But the market is so saturated with products that sometimes it’s not easy to make an informed choice.
In an Emmagem exclusive, we talk to two women who dedicate their profession and passion towards creating awareness about the benefits of going organic.

(Left) Noémie de Goÿs, founder of French organic skincare brand NOHEM 
Despite being a young brand, NOHEM has extended its reach beyond picturesque France, to the United States, Dubai, Italy and finally, Malaysia. Founder Noémie is living proof of her products’ efficacy: her skin is perfectly flawless, even up close. The mother-of-two is a firm believer of organic, eco-friendly and fair trade products.
(Right) Stephanie Yong, founder of Celebrity Beaute Beauty Salon
Stephanie’s foray into the beauty industry began more than 20 years ago. From a humble home-based venture, she has since expanded her business into a full-fledged salon located at Shah Alam. Stephanie is an advocate of organic living and beauty. “Making the transition to organic products has managed to keep my fibroid problem under control,” she divulges. NOHEM products and treatments are available at Celebrity Beaute.
Organic products are often priced at a premium price, and are usually considered a luxury for women who have a smaller budget. Why is this so?
Noémie: Creating an organic product takes years of research and testing, even more so than conventional beauty products, as we have to make sure that every ingredient is natural yet sensorial and effective. That’s why we search for the best ingredients from around the world, so that we are able to promise the safest beauty solutions for women, and also for the planet!

Why should we choose organic skincare products?
Noémie: It’s better to use organic products because you can be 100% sure of the ingredients you apply on your skin. For women who want the best for their skin, organic products are a safe choice as they contain no petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients. This is especially important for those with sensitive skins.
Stephanie: Organic skincare products are meant to restore skin to its original healthy state. It’s a slow and steady progress, but unlike conventional skincare that promise instant results, organic skincare won’t overstimulate or burden the skin. With organic skincare, the results last longer, too!

How are organic products different from conventional skincare products?
Noémie: There’s always a misconception that organic skincare is less effective than conventional skincare. In fact, organic skincare is as efficient and sensorial as normal skincare. The only difference is that with organic skincare, you are using safer products on your skin, which will not affect your health adversely in the long run.

Apart from NOHEM, you also established La Fondation Amisse to help women. Please tell us more about the foundation.
Noémie: I created La Fondation Amisse in 2009 to help boost the social, economic and human development of women in the Southern hemisphere. Through the foundation, we select and finance projects that will enable these women to live better lives. To date we have supported projects such as education for girls in Africa and we have also installed treatment rooms for women who suffer from cancer. Apart from that, we are also huge advocates of fair trade. We purchase raw material from women in Bolivia and Burkina Faso at a fair price so that they are able to earn more from their efforts.

What can we find in your handbag?
Noémie: I always have my Moisturizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Cream (RM298) with me wherever I go! It helps keep my eye contour refreshed. I also practice Yoga, so I carry the Moisturizing Firming Body Cream (RM388) with me. I use it after showering to keep my skin firm. When I was pregnant, I used the cream every day too, and I had no stretch marks after delivering my daughters!
Stephanie: I slip the Complete Anti Aging Care for Eyes and Lips (RM438) into my handbag for touch-ups on the go, especially when I feel tired. If I’m travelling, I make sure I bring along the Nourishing Milky Body Scrub (RM298) and the Moisturizing Firming Body Cream (RM388). The first thing I do after checking in is to give myself a DIY spa. It perks me up instantly.

Must-have product for Malaysian women?
Noémie: Definitely the Moisturizing Anti-Oxidant Cream (RM398)! The texture is specially adapted to suit hot and humid countries. It’s not sticky, but it’s very hydrating. It’s one of my favourite products.
Stephanie: I recommend the New Radiance Moisturizing Facial Mask (RM308). It’s a gel-textured mask, so it sits very comfortably on the skin without weighing it down. Apply twice a week after cleansing for radiant skin.

Advice for Malaysian women on staying young?
Stephanie: Don’t let negative thoughts affect your mood. When you feel sad or stressed, it translates on your skin in the form of dullness, wrinkles and pimples. So, it actually helps to be positive! Do things you like and take time out to enjoy yourself.

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