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5 All-New Beauty Trends For 2014

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While last week was all about 2014’s best colours, we thought today would be a good day to share the latest trends circulating around the beauty world which we think will be a hit this year.

Bright Orange Lips
Move over, pink – orange is the new ‘it’ colour of the season. It’s definitely more youthful than classic red, and more wearable than fuchsia or lilac. No matter what your skin colour, bright, happy orange shows up well. On the runways of Spring/Summer 2014, neon orange lips made a huge appearance on the likes of models from Prabal Gurung, John Galliano, DKNY and more.

orange lipstick
Don’t want to spend too much $$ on a shade you’re not sure you can commit to? Revlon, Maybelline and Silkygirl are some budget-friendly choices that carry great lippies for less than RM30 each!

Neutral Nails
If you have a job that doesn’t allow you to wear glitter nail polish or bright nail lacquer, you’ll definitely love these new nail trends. This season is all about muted nail colours along the likes of beige, khaki, blush pink, mauve and pearly white. Kate Spade, Jenni Kayne, Lela Rose proved on SS14 runways that true style is about subtlety. Instead of drawing attention with loud nail embellishments, try these practical picks instead.

muted nails
Want to dress up your nails with some nail art? Go for an understated French manicure (with contrasting tips – ie. peach and beige, grey and powder blue)! Geometric lines and a reverse French (aka the moon manicure) are also hot picks.

Splashlights 1
Created by NY-based celeb hair colourist Aura Friedman, the inspiration for splashlights comes from the effect of a laser beam hitting your hair at a certain spot. Kind of like the glossy shine on anime characters’ hair. Splashlights are usually done in a horizontal band across the hair to give the illusion that you’re standing in front of a spotlight. The first ever person to rock the splashlights trend was Caroline Polachek from American synthpop duo, Chairlift (pictured above).

We like how it makes a short haircut  look even more interesting. Have long hair but wanna try out the look? A sleek hairstyle will let you show off your splashlights even better.

Sombré Hair Colour
When we expressed our dislike for the ombre trend last year, obviously we were not alone and the people have heard our pleas. Good riddance to ombre! On the other hand, its ‘sister’, sombre (subtle ombre), is a more natural, less crazy look that can be carried by all women effortlessly. It’s a colour that gradually fades from top to bottom, with darker roots and lighter ends. And unlike ombre, which comprises two stark contrasting shades, sombre can be showcased on any hair colour.

If your regrowth is starting to show, you can just pass it off as ombre hair colour! How to do it right? We like Rashida Jones’ sombre (top left) – her shoulder-length bob looks edgier that way.

Edible Hyaluronic Acid
Previously it was all about collagen supplements. But for the beauty-savvy, hyaluronic acid is THE ingredient that continues to show promising results. We already know that hyaluronic acid has amazing hydrating benefits, as most beauty products feature it prominently as a main ingredient. But did you know that now you can also EAT hyaluronic acid? Yes, the buzz is all about edible hyaluronic acid now, and not just Japanese brands! Even Western beauty brands are jumping on the bandwagon to promote this super ingredient, which is said to be able to hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Fountain (₤27.99) The Hyaluronic Molecule is currently taking the world by storm, but hyaluronic acid supplements also come in other forms like tablets, jelly strips and drinks, if you’re not into the whole ‘scientific gel-like substance’ thing.

hyaluronic acid
Clockwise from top: FANCL Moist Hyaluronic Acid (SGD40, 30 tablets), Otsuka Skin C Hyaluronic Jelly (RM39, 7 strips), Matiskin 3.0 (€94, box of 14 vials)

24-Hour Recreational Spas
If you’ve always wanted to visit a Jimjilbang (24-hour Korean bathhouses), you don’t have to look any further. Ossoto Recreation Hub is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Although not Korean-style per se, it operates around the clock, and you can spend the entire day at the spa, and even sleep there if you wish! Apart from the usual sauna and body massages, you get to enjoy a wide range of other facilities like buffet spreads, cinema, gym, fish spa, jacuzzi and more. For RM68 per person (for ladies; RM88 for men), it sounds like a new and fun way to hang out with friends or family members.
If you’re into hot springs and late-night soaks, you should give Lost World Hot Springs & Spa in Tambun, Ipoh a try. It’s open till 11pm, so you can soak the stress away and admire the stars while enjoying an idyllic weekend getaway in Ipoh. 
pjttambun 4


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