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Beauty Trend Redux: The Worst Of 2013

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Warning: This is going to be a lengthy, ranty post.
Previously, we wrote about 5 of the best beauty trends of 2013. This week, let’s look at the worst.

CC/DD Creams
CC DD Creams
When BB creams first came out, the world was like ‘Oooooh, beauty breakthrough!!!” Then came CC creams, and the world went ‘Ooooooh, another breakthrough!!!!” But when DD creams were introduced into the market earlier this year around June, I sort of guessed where this was going. It was going to be a neverending trend. Maybe next year we’ll be seeing EE Creams, and FF Creams and god-knows-what-else. BB means Blemish Balm, CC means Colour Corrector/Control and DD means Daily Defense/Dynamic Do-all. Which personally I think is a whole load of bull. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Each product essentially advertises itself as an all-in-one product that magically evens out skintone, hydrates, refines pores, primes, yadda yadda yadda, but the lines are so blurred that nobody can specifically tell you the exact difference between a BB, CC and DD Cream.

Velvet/Caviar Manicure
Caviar Mani
I wrote about the pitfalls of the caviar manicure here. It’s been six months since, and I firmly stand by my opinions. If the caviar manicure wasn’t bad enough, there was also the velvet manicure. Equally pointless and maybe even more unpractical, the process is messy (involves you pouring ‘velvet’ dust over your nails and getting it stuck everywhere else but your nails), time-consuming (you have to pour the excess dust back into the tube where it came from) and a total waste of time (if it gets wet, then the velvety finish is gone). Almost everyone who tried the velvet manicure gave stinking reviews, and rightfully so, methinks.
Worst of 20133

Dip-dyed Hair
Dip-dyed locks are not to be confused with balayage, which is the process of highlighting the hair for a NATURAL, SUN-KISSED, TWO-TONED effect. Dip-dye is when you look like you decided to dip the ends of your hair into a vat of radioactive paint. 2013 was a horrendous year, no thanks to the dip-dye trend.
dip dye
The streets were infested with girls with bad dye jobs and puke-inspired shades. And because Asians have black hair, it needs to be thoroughly bleached before it can be re-coloured, so hair damage was pretty rampant too. I thought it to be a total lose-lose situation, and I sincerely hope the trend never comes back. (However, I do think that unicorn/rainbow hair is pretty cool, provided that you have the time and resources to maintain it.)

Bloggers For Botox
In Malaysia, aesthetic clinics are taking to roping in bloggers to rave about their treatments. I’m not against aesthetic treatments, but having a 27-year-old gush about how Botox is so great, and giving a 24-year-old blogger a nose filler? NOT COOL. Impressionable young readers might get the idea that all they need to do to be popular is to jab their faces with paralysing germs or go under the knife, etc etc. I once interviewed an aesthetic doctor about minor surgery, and he was all ‘Oh, your jawline is quite square, if you’d like to try Botox just let me know and I’ll set you up.” It angered me, because if that’s the attitude people are practising these days, we might as well just become Stepford wives and call it a day. Whatever happened to embracing your looks and being confident in your own skin? As long as these bloggers continue to vocally support Botox/facial lasers just because it was administered for free, I don’t think it’s healthy at all.

Run-Of-The-Mill Celebrity Fragrances
This year saw a lot of celebrity fragrances being released in the market. There’s always this nagging thought in my head that all a celebrity does to be ‘involved’ in the creation of a perfume is dictate what notes she likes, and leave the work up to the company, who probably has a fixed template of what celeb scents are supposed to smell like. A little tweak here and there and voila – a brand-new perfume that ‘embodies the star’s heart and soul’.
Celeb Perfumes
Well, JLo here must have lots of heart and soul, seeing that her Glow franchise is currently at its 10th edition, with Rio Glow being the latest release. Britney Spears’ Island Fantasy is the 6th edition of her Fantasy fragrances, and Beyonce’s newest Heat The Mrs Carter Show Special Edition isn’t just a mouthful, but also her 5th Heat fragrance. I don’t know, but it seems like a whole lot like a money-making scam, because why would I want 10 variations of the same perfume (same bottle, different colour)?!?
I also had the misfortune of sampling two celebrity fragrances lately, both of which I didn’t like at all, because they were too fake, too commercialised and just a tad too similar for my liking. I wonder if anyone did any research at all, because judging by the notes in each perfume, they’re almost identical, down to the citrus-berry top notes and the floral middle notes and musky dry-down. Disappointing indeed.
celeb fragrances
Katy Perry’s Killer Queen
Top notes: bergamot, wild berries
Middle notes: jasmine, frangipani
Base notes: cashmere, patchouli
One Direction’s Our Moment
Top notes: pink grapefruit, wild berries
Middle notes: jasmine, frangipani
Base notes: musk, patchouli

That aside, have a happy weekend, everyone!


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