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New Year Resolutions 2014 For Beauty, Health and Life

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Can you believe it’s already the second last day of 2013? What happened to the year – it just whizzed past before I even noticed! I was flipping through a magazine and came across a horoscope column for 2014, which said that ‘2014 will bring new experiences for you’, but doesn’t it happen to everybody?
But it got me thinking, since I’m already steadily progressing towards the big 3-0 mark in two (three, if you count the remainder of 2013) years’ time, I really should start making plans and looking at the bigger picture. Instead of making 10 resolutions so far-fetched that I wouldn’t even remember after the New Year, I decided to make two resolutions each, covering a few areas that I feel are important to me: beauty (of course!), health (should start while there’s still time) and life (needs an upgrade).

Beauty Resolution #1
Start a diligent anti-ageing skincare routine.
The skin experts always say that our skin starts ageing visibly from 25, but when I was that age, the most important thing on my mind was what to have for dinner and what to wear. When I was a teen, I had oily, problematic skin. 10 years down the road, and my skin type has changed. It’s now normal-dry, but that means I’m seeing fine lines around my eyes. Next year, I’m going to start incorporating anti-ageing products into my beauty routine. I’m going to start with a non-greasy eye cream that hydrates and de-puffs, and I’m going to use it twice a day without fail.

Beauty Resolution #2
Use less makeup, especially foundation.
I go through eyeliners three times faster than the average girl, because my mono-lidded eyes require far more eyeliner. I’ve since cut down the amount of base makeup I put on my face, preferring tinted primer or a tiny dot of liquid concealer instead. I think one of the biggest mistakes girls make is to pile on A LOT of foundation. No matter how ‘flawless’ you may think it looks, it shows as a cakey, greyish finish, and everyone a mile away can tell. My goal is to not buy foundation in 2014. At most, I’ll just use tinted moisturiser, so that my skin can breathe even when I have a ton of eyeliner on.

Health Resolution #1
Eat more greens, less meat.
I’m not a fan of leafy greens, but I’m making an effort to eat cleaner on weekdays. I started cooking my own meals, because it saves $$. With the amount of money I spend eating out, I can easily get premium ingredients to last me a few days. A lot of my Facebook friends are becoming more health-conscious, what with the current obsession over running and the paleo diet. It’s inspiring, and it makes me want to do more for myself. Weekends warrant a bit of indulging, though, so I’ll fulfil that craving for dessert on a Saturday afternoon and walk it off at the shopping mall.

Health Resolution #2
Exercise regularly, at least three times a week.
I spent my first 26 years of life shying away from exercise. I absolutely hated breaking out a sweat, and there was always a valid excuse for me not to work out, ie. ‘I just washed my hair’, or ‘I’m having my period today’. It wasn’t until my friend’s wife commented that I’d gained so much weight within the one year she saw me that I started to make a conscious effort to start exercising. Sometimes I get lazy, and I end up sleeping in instead of going to the gym, and I often eat more than I need (bad habit!). Next year, I want to make sure I exercise at least 45 minutes per session, three times a week to tone up and maintain my weight.

Life Resolution #1
Make an effort to stay connected with loved ones.
The past two years have gone by in a blur – I lost touch with a lot of people because I was too caught up with work and trying to live life in a big city. I’m going to try and make the effort to keep in touch with my friends and family, because I realized there are so many people who care about me. I love how Whatsapp has brought me closer to my extended family members because my cousin was thoughtful enough to create a group, where we can share bits and pieces of our lives with each other, so we keep up with what’s going on outside of our own personal lives. I’m also hoping to visit my parents more often in my hometown.

Life Resolution #2
Stop dwelling on the past.  
I have a very active imagination and a pretty good memory, especially where people who have wronged me are concerned. I don’t forgive easily, and I never forget. I have a long ‘hate list’ – a list of names of people I wouldn’t mind burying in a muddy pit. Maybe it’s time I started letting go of my grudges. Think of it this way – if it weren’t for these people, I wouldn’t be here today. I should keep my time occupied with things I’ve always wanted to learn or try, so that my mind is busy. When I’m busy, then I won’t have so much extra time to think about what I could have/should have done in the past.

What are your new year resolutions? Do tell us!

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