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Celebrities Who NEVER Seem To Grow Old

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Good genes play a part, but regular maintenance and me-time also play a big role in the journey towards ageing gracefully. As clich├ęd as it sounds, it’s important to love yourself and appreciate the little things in life.
We find inspiration on how to look good and stay beautiful from these celebrities who don’t seem to have aged one bit. If anything, they seem to be getting younger as time passes!

Avril Lavigne
From left: 2002, 2014
She’s only 30, but we feel like we’ve known her forever. We’ve seen her evolve from the rebellious punk rocker with racoon eyes and mousy hair, to a solid (albeit sometimes unpredictable) musician with racoon eyes who puts out feel-good music and sappy ballads. We love her feisty spirit – she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Unlike artists her age who are in a rush to grow up, Avril Lavigne proves that any time’s a good time to dress up like a schoolgirl and have tiaras in your neon pink-and-green hair.
How to embrace your inner child:
Just because you’re not 21 anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colours or incorporate fun elements into your life. If you wake up one day and feel like going to work wearing bright pink lipstick, do it! Who cares if people are going to talk? It’s YOUR life, and you’re entitled to do anything you like. Paint stars on your nails or add fun nail decals, and for good measure, play Avril’s ‘What The Hell’ on full volume while you’re at it.

Gwen Stefani
From left: 2004, 2013
Despite being 45, the platinum blonde rocker looks nary a day over 30! Gone are the days of her crazy hair (pink waves, crazy braids, mini-buns). The current Gwen is polished and elegant, with a good bit of edgy rebelliousness thrown into the mixture. She credits her flawless complexion to diligent sun protection, and is rarely seen out in the sun without a) a hat, b) an umbrella and/or c) shades. Even with minimal makeup on, the diva shows that you can look like a million dollars just by slicking on red lipstick.
How to protect yourself from the sun:
Don’t forget sunblock in the morning, even if you’re just headed to the office. The sun is most vicious from 11am to 4pm, so keep a UV-protect body lotion next to you and apply some before heading out to lunch. If you’re always outdoors, carry an umbrella or hat in your bag. Don’t forget delicate areas like your lips and hands, so always apply SPF lipbalms and hand creams before stepping out in the scorching sun!

Lucy Liu
From left: 2003, 2013
At 45, Lucy Liu certainly passes for someone in her thirties. Her beauty routine is surprisingly low-maintenance. In an interview with Instyle magazine, she stays away from facials (they cause unnecessary damage to skin), and doesn’t blow-dry her hair. She doesn’t drink coffee either, as hshe believes caffeine is bad for the skin. The only beauty treatment she splurges on is acupuncture. A monthly session helps her keep in shape and makes her skin stay young.
How acupuncture works:
Fine, sterile needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate acupuncture points that are related to your health concern. The stimulation helps promote the body’s natural self-healing process. Apart from needles, other acupuncture point stimulation techniques include massage, heat therapy, cupping and herbal medicines.

Sammi Cheng
From left: 1996, 2003
Sammi Cheng has been in the Hong Kong showbiz industry for as long as we can remember. At 16, she entered a singing competition and was signed by a recording company despite not winning. Now, the 42-year-old has an impressive resume: 80 studio albums, 9 live concert albums and more than 20 box-office films. What we admire about her is that in 2005, she took a break from the entertainment industry, and focused on writing as a magazine columnist instead. She also took up painting and drawing, limiting her public activites to only one film and no music releases.
How to find yourself again:
It’s ok to say ‘no’ when life starts to get a little too overwhelming. Trying to please everyone will only end up with you feeling miserable. Take a break from what’s suffocating you (work, love, life, family, etc) and spend some time on your own. Do what you love, even if others might doubt you. Check into a spa retreat, or take up creative writing classes. What matters is that you live your life at your own pace.

If you think the ‘Benjamin Button syndrome’ only works in Hollywood and Hong Kong, you might just be mistaken. Here’s proof that it happens closer to home in Malaysia too.
Sazzy Falak
From left: 2006, 2014
The 32-year-old mother of two said in an interview with Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine, “I always start the day with a good breakfast!” when asked about her beauty tips. Even after giving birth to twin girls in 2011, Sazzy still stays fit and toned by working out regularly. She swears by Power Plate, a vibrating platform that lets you use up to 95% of your muscles while exercising.

Ziana Zain
From left: 2010, 2013
We don’t know how she does it, but 45-year-old Ziana Zain looks amazing for her age. Having joined the entertainment industry at a young age, she was always exposed to a lot of beauty practices. She doesn’t drink iced water, and stays as far away as possible from fried, oily and spicy food. However, when it comes to dieting, she says, “I would never recommend starving yourself with just vegetable soup. You lose weight, but you don’t look toned, just tired and frail. You still need healthy carbohydrates like rice, but in moderation.” She also eats a lot of raw vegetables and fruits.

(Images: zimbio.com, odamenulis.blogspot.com, instagram.com/sazzyfalak, huffpost.com, blackpepperproduction.com, beautyeditor.ca, mtv.com, sugarscape.com, allure.com, fanpix.net, harpersbazaar.com)

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