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Don't Hide Your Skin! Get Rid of Pimples Effectively!

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I detest getting pimples. They always rear their ugly heads when I have something important going on, like meeting someone for the first time, or if I’m required to dress up and look nice. I also have a bad habit of touching a potential zit, because I feel obliged to check on its progress and freak out mentally.
paperbag (1)
On bad days I feel like this.
Busting a pimple isn’t rocket science, but it requires a steady hand and some skills. There are lots of articles circulating around the internet about how to get rid of a pimple quickly. Some sound plausible and even believable, but some are just plain ‘eye-roll’ worthy. Like ‘you should book an appointment with your dermatologist ASAP’. Seriously, who in the world has time/money for that?
We found these budget-friendly (and most importantly, EFFECTIVE) pimple-eliminating remedies in the market, and yes, they do work!

The ‘Yay!’
Nexcare Acne Patch 
Best for: pimples with heads/pus
At night, cleanse your face, and while it’s still squeaky-clean and devoid of anything else (including toner), stick this on the inflamed pimple. Your skin has to be perfectly clean for the patch to adhere properly. Follow with your usual skincare regime, avoiding the area around the patch. When you wake up the next day, peel it off. I noticed that my pimples are very easy to pop after removing the patch.
(RM5.50 for 7 patches at major pharmacies nationwide)

Dalacin T 
Best for: recurring painful bumps
For women who suffer from regular bouts of acne, this is a Holy Grail product. It’s only available at pharmacies as it’s controlled medicine, but it’s well worth the effort of filling in your details. Whenever you feel the beginnings of a pimple, dab this on. It diminishes the swelling, and by the next day, the pimple looks less angry. Repeat once or twice daily, and the pimple goes away without even rearing its pus-filled head.
(RM35.90 at major pharmacies nationwide)

Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell
Best for: everyday use/prevention
Acnes medicated sealing jell
Sadly this isn’t available in Malaysia, but it can be bought from Thailand or Singapore, though it’s half the price in Thailand. The gel comes in a clinical-looking tube, and is supposed to be used at night to ‘seal’ the affected area, preventing bacteria from attacking the pimples. However I found it to be useful both day and night, and it sits very well underneath makeup. Its main ingredient, Sulphur, helps unblock pores. Best of all, it dries up the pimple without leaving skin taut or flaky.
(available in Thailand for THB129 = Approx. RM12.90, or in Singapore for SGD9.90 = Approx. RM25)

The ‘Umm….’
Tea Tree Oil
It’s been touted as the best zit remedy, but Tea Tree Oil did absolutely nothing for me. Instead of drying out my pimples, it would make them even more inflamed and red. I was also na├»ve (ok, stupid) enough to saturate a tiny cotton square with Tea Tree Oil and use it as a compress for my pimple, thinking that it would miraculously work wonders. Boy was I WRONG. The patch of skin ended up black and discoloured for weeks, like I burned it or something.

Aloe Vera
Same goes for Aloe Vera. It’s said to be incredibly soothing and healing for agitated skin, but all I get are red, itchy patches. I don’t have sensitive skin, either, so I guess it’s just one of those ingredients that you’re allergic to. That said, I’d highly recommend trying out products before you buy them (make full use of the testers). Leave them on for a couple of hours and decide whether it’s for you. Don’t buy something on the spot because the sales advisor pushed you to/it felt SO good within the first 10 seconds.

Here’s to good skin days all year long!


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