Thursday, March 6, 2014

Move Over, Sheet Masks - Second Skin Masks Are Here!

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I’m not super-adventurous when it comes to my basic beauty regime. I usually stick to the same products that work for my skin, but if there’s one particular beauty product I religiously collect and try, it has to be masks. I like them all – from the gels, creams and clays you spread onto the skin and rinse off, to the leave-on ones like sleeping masks and sheet types.
After quite a fair bit of experimenting, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best masks are the ones made from second-skin material. They’re slightly pricier than basic essence-soaked tissue masks like My Beauty Diary or My Scheming Beauty ones from Taiwan (which cost about RM3 to RM4 apiece), but I’m telling you, these second-skin masks are money well spent.

So what’s a second-skin mask?
Second-skin masks are made from a material that hugs the contours of the face without drooping or coming loose, even when you move around. You know how frustrating it is when sheet masks start to drip or sag. Second-skin masks just stay put without doing anything of the sort. What makes them different from conventional sheet masks is that instead of being soaked in essence, all the skincare goodness is infused into the material of the mask itself, so it imparts its full effectiveness upon your skin.

How many types of second-skin masks are there?
A type of gel made from the fermentation of plant cellulose. The texture is akin to nata de coco, a tensile, stretchable opaque jelly that molds itself to the shape of your face when applied. Its fiber diameter is much smaller than plant pulp (used to make sheet masks), so it’s able to hold 10 times more essence than conventional sheet mask.
A clear jelly-like substance that’s suspended on an extremely thin film of net, which holds it together and prevents it from breaking apart easily. The gel mask delivers an instant cooling sensation to the skin upon application, but is designed for single-use only. After the moisture evaporates, all that’s left the next day is the thin net.

Emmagem’s top picks:
Bio-cellulose masks
1) Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask (5 masks), RM240
Eliz Arden VW Mask_carton

2) Lancome Genefique Bio Cellulose Mask (3 masks), RM165

3) For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask (3 masks), RM145

4) Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask (3 masks) RM65.90

Hydro-gel masks
1) Leaders Insolution Hydrogel Therapy Eye Patch (5 pairs), RM40.50

2) Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask, RM19
rachel k

3) The Face Shop Hydro Gel Mask Sheet, RM15.90

4) Tony Moly Syn-Ake Hydro Gel Mask, price unavailable
Remember to treat your skin well! When your skin is happy, you get less problems!


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