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There's More To Nail Polish Than Good Ol' Glitter

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I LOVE nail polish. At the time of writing this article, my nail polish count stands at 67 bottles, amassed over the years ever since I started working around 5 years ago. Life is more fun when there’s nail polish involved. Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of using a particular shade on your nails.
I’ve since stopped signing up for mani-pedi packages. I find it ridiculous to be charged RM10 extra just to have alternate colours on each nail (which doesn’t require extra skill/time), and I’ve grown tired of having my favourite manicurist up and leave without any trace of warning. I’ve only signed up for two packages ever, and I don’t think I’m ever going to do that again because I can very well do my own nails at home, even if my skills leave much to be desired.
But if someone like me, who’s horrible at hand-foot coordination and can’t even draw a clown to save my life (it ends up looking more like a lion than anything), can do it, so can you. Forget elaborate nail art that costs a bomb at salons – highest I ever paid for was RM7 per nail for a simple flower. Breathe new life into your existing nail polish collection with these amazing topcoats.

Matte Magic
A matte top coat over any shade looks modern and edgy. Try it over neon colours, or even glittery or shimmery nail polishes. It tones down all traces of OTT tackiness, while leaving behind a satiny finish. Best for stretching the potential of all the colours you have in your collection!
essence matt
Essence Matt Top Coat, RM11.90, available at Watsons

Fuzzy Logic
Ooh, aren’t these cute? They remind us of Sesame Street characters! The trick to pulling this off is to load the brush with enough fuzz, and swipe it cleanly across the nail in one direction only. Repeat this multiple times with thin coats, instead of piling it all on at once (which takes FOREVER to dry). For best effect, use a dark base colour so it shows up more.
Nails Inc Feathers, available at Sephora. Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat, RM19.90

Disco Confetti
Glitter comes in all shapes, sizes and colours! As a general rule of thumb, reserve finer glitter particles for fingers as they won’t show up as beautifully on your toes. Irrregularly-sized chunky glitter, however, can be a bother to work with if your fingernails are covered with it, and can snag on delicate fabrics/scratch your face, so it’s better to use it for a pedicure.
Models Own Boogie Nights, RM31, from Luxola.com. OPI Nail Lacquer in Muppets World Tour, RM63

Speckled Pastels
Inspired by speckled robin’s eggs, these sheer coats of colour are great for both work and play. Try two coats for a sheer finish that’s work friendly, or add drama with a gothic base colour underneath. The semi-opaque finish makes dark colours look almost pastel-like. Almost.
Deborah Lippmann Rockin’ Robin, RM79, from Luxola.com. NCLA Sugar Fix, RM55, from Luxola.com

Fancy something more solid with texture? Take your pick from these nail colours that are guaranteed to attract more than just one cursory glance!
Nails Inc Concrete, China Glaze Texture and OPI Liquid Sand all share one thing in common – they give nails a sugary finish. Use with caution, though – the gritty bits can be abrasive on skin and delicate fabrics. Speaking from experience, it’s definitely not fun when you forget you have a sugar manicure on and decide to scratch your eyelid.

If you’re a strong advocate of not wearing/using real leather, this is a humane alternative for your nails. The nail polish dries to a wrinkly finish, making it look exactly like leather. To keep it convincing, we say go for colours that resemble the real thing, like khaki, deep brown, black and maroon. Add press-on studs to make it look edgier!

Even though suede-effect nail polish has been around for quite a while, we think it deserves a mention because of its versatility. Big brands like OPI, Revlon, Julep and Avon have, at one point, released their interpretation of suede, and they’re all quite stunning. Wearability level is pretty high, too. It lasts longer than matte (which gives you 4 days tops), and is less glossy than conventional nail polish. We like the subtle shimmery effect it imparts.

If anything, holographic nail polish is unabashedly loud. Infused with iridescent micro-glitter that changes colour from different angles, even the safest shade of silver gives you a full-on impact that says you’re not shy to show your wild side. We love how the micro-glitter dries to a smooth finish. For added drama, amp up the shine with glossy top coat.

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