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6 Fragrance Flankers To Watch in 2014!

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Fragrances are a very personal thing. A woman’s preference depends on her personality, her emotions, her style and even her mood. It’s a great challenge for perfumers to create a scent that appeals to most women, yet allows them to stand out as individuals.
Some perfumes, like Chanel No.5 and Dior Poison, remain as bestsellers to this day, despite having been around for decades. These classic staples have since achieved cult status, with a steady following that spans even the far corners of the earth.
There are two types of perfume users: the die-hard loyals who keep using the same scent, and the adventurous who are always open to trying new fragrances. As much as I like to think of myself as a beauty rebel, I’m somewhat of a loyalist too. I have a number of perfumes on my dresser, but every morning I reach for the same one because it feels like a part of me. It’s not that I don’t want to change, but sometimes you just don’t want to jinx a good thing, you know what I mean. Why change something when it works for you?
But then I realized a ‘loophole’ in the system. Perfumers often release new editions of their bestselling scents, also known as flanker perfumes. This helps to increase sales (that’s one reason) and reintroduce the product to a new audience, but for a semi-loyalist like me who’s on the brink of rebellion but too scared to move on, it’s a godsend. Now I can have a new scent that smells (almost) like the one I have!
I’ve got my eye on these brand-new flankers. What about you?

Giorgio Armani ACQUA di GIOIA EDT
Acqua di Gioia EDT Packshot
The original ACQUA di GIOIA was launched in 2010. It was one the first Armani fragrances I liked, because it reminded me of the sea. Since then, ACQUA di GIOIA has expanded its range to include 4 flankers, including the latest version, ACQUA di GIOIA EDT.
How is it different from the original?
While the first scent featured citrus and fresh green notes prominently, the new EDT is softer and sweeter, with mellow top notes of pear and blackcurrant and base notes of cedar, cashmere and brown sugar. The heart, however, still pays homage to the jasmine flower.

BCBG Max Azria Bon Genre
The 3rd generation spinoff of the brand’s star product, Max Azria. The flacon is a soft spot for collectors who love dramatic floral flair ala Marc Jacobs – the cap looks like an oversized crystal flower.
How is it different from the original?
Each Max Azria scent is housed in a different-coloured flacon. The original is pink, the 2nd (Bon Chic) is yellow, and Bon Genre is purple. Think of Bon Genre as the original scent’s urban rock-chic sister, which hits your senses with notes of lychee, black pepper, tiger orchid and cardamom.

PRADA Candy Florale
Unlike some perfumers who feel inclined to include every scent in their library into one fragrance, the Candy range features a decidedly minimalistic approach. It features a single top note, followed by a solo heart and a maximum of three base notes.
How is it different from the original?
The original Candy was unabashedly a tribute to one single note: caramel. The 2014 flanker is indeed slightly more complex, but at the same time, uncomplicated. It has top notes of limoncello, a heart of peony and a base of caramel, musk and honey.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu
Since its inception in 1999, Elizabeth Arden’s iconic Green Tea scent has been reinterpreted in 13 other ways, bringing the total count to 14 Green Tea fragrances in total (!!!) Significantly more Japanese-inspired than the other perfumes under the Elizabeth Arden fragrance umbrella, Green Tea is well-loved by women of every ethnicity.
How is it different from the original?
Yuzu is a popular element in Japanese culture. The wrinkly citrus fruit looks like our mandarins (the ones sold in abundance during CNY), but the scent is something like a cross between grapefruit and mandarin. Combined with the fresh, clear scent of green tea, this sounds like another bestseller in the making.

Estee Lauder Pleasures Flower
My mother is a great fan of Pleasures. She had a bottle, the original of course, a gift from my father. She would only use it on special occasions when we went out for family dinners. Since 1995, Pleasures has released a mind-blowing 17 flankers, which goes to show how powerful the impact of fragrances can be.
How is it different from the original?
While the original was a more mature blend of floral notes with a sandalwood-musk base, the new edition is younger, livelier and more vibrant. It features less notes, but makes up for it with a unique combination of lemon, coconut and incense. Plus, the bottle is just too pretty for words!

Lanvin Me L’Eau
This young fragrance (first launched in 2013) will be getting its first flanker this year, housed in a frosted pink bottle, adorned with a silver chain instead of a gold one. Lanvin Me is directed at the modern woman who is spontaneous, elegant and feminine.
How is it different from the original?
L’Eau is a softer, more luminous interpretation of Me, with notes of Italian mandarin, pink pepper, peony and peach. The original is more intense, with notes of blueberry, licorice, tuberose and sandalwood.

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