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Best Spa Splurges In KL For Spa Virgins

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They say first impressions are the most important. If you’ve never experienced something before, the first time should be as perfect as possible, so that you remember it for the rest of your life (in a good way, of course).
I think the same goes for spa treatments. For some reason, KL is packed with all sorts of spas, from top-class, super-lavish ones to shady ones that provide more than just a good time (volcano massage or happy endings, anyone?). For a not-so-big city, we’ve certainly got a fair share of spas in town.
So if you’re a spa virgin, you might wanna try these amazing spas. Despite being located right smack in town, you’ll never be able to feel the stress of the city bearing down on you. It’s like you’ve been transported to a lush retreat in the middle of nowhere. Treat yourself to an afternoon of sheer bliss as you unwind under the care of trained therapists who will knead, pummel and scrub every inch of your body. Erase all your worries and wash them down the drain.
You’ll emerge a new person with a new outlook in life.

Spa Village, Ritz Carlton KL
Spa Village Ritz Carlton
If you’re a KL-ite through and through, you’ll find solace at Spa Village, just across the road from Bukit Bintang’s famous shopping haven. Even with limited space (being in a hotel in KL and all), you don’t find yourself plagued by a stifling environment with stuffy interior. Intentionally more dimly-lit than usual, Spa Village @ Ritz Carlton feature many Eastern treatments like the egg-undulation face treatment and rattan tapping massage.

Hammam Spa (1)
Everyone I know who has visited Hammam has glowing review about the Turkish-style bathhouse. Once you get over the embarrassment of having someone bathe you while you lie on tiled beds in your birthday suit, the experience is indeed invigorating. A male friend said, “It was weird to have this old lady bathe me and wash my hair while I sat on a stool, but I felt like a baby at the end of the session!” We couldn’t agree more.

The Spa, Saujana Resort
The Spa Saujana
It sucks to be confined in a tiny space with no room to breathe during a spa treatment, and The Spa understands that well. There are no clinical treatment rooms, but standalone villas instead, so spacious you could practically live in one. The humungous bathtub is made from volcanic rock, which is said to possess healing properties. The Spa also uses natural and eco-friendly materials and finishings.

Mandara Spa, Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa
Mandara Spa
Practically invisible from the roadside, Mandara Spa is located within the super-lavish resort, The Villas. Strangely, there’s very limited information available on the web about the spa, but the environment there is something even local folk will be surprised about. Despite being a stone’s throw away from Sunway Lagoon, you won’t even notice because it’s that well-hidden from view.

Khareyana Spa
Khareyana Spa
Tucked away in a bungalow near PJ old town, Khareyana Spa has been around for many years, but the reviews remain stellar. A 3-hour pampering treatment costs around RM300, which is reasonable considering you get the full works – body scrub, steam, body massage and body mask. We like how the descriptions on the menu come with prices so you’re able to plan your budget accordingly.

Road trip!!!
If a weekend getaway is what you’re looking for, these gems will not disappoint:
The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort, Bukit Tinggi
The Chateau
The in-house spa, La Sante, features a plethora of treatments, from aromatherapy-infused sauna to dead sea mud body masks to yoga classes. If you’re up for it, you can also take a dip in the hotel’s saltwater pool, which has lesser chemicals and irritants than a normal chlorinated pool.

Avi Spa @ Avillion Beach Resort, Port Dickson
Avi Spa
Avillion is by far one of the best resorts at Port Dickson. Unlike the usual family-oriented places teeming with shrieking kids and less-than-satisfactory amenities, this ultra-lavish resort whisks you away once you step foot into the lush, tropical forest-inspired lobby. The spa is a sight to behold, with an amazing view of the sea and an open air lounge area where you can relax and sip tea after your treatment.

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