Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We're Obsessing Over: Mid-Length Haircuts

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Finding the right haircut is sometimes harder than finding the right boyfriend. How can a haircut that looks so good during the first week turn into a complete nightmare after two weeks? Why does a perm seem amazingly glossy and easy to maintain, until you shampoo it at home and BOOM – hello, frizzy afro?
Choosing a length is also a headache. Go short, and people tend to take you less seriously. Grow it long, and people start saying that your hair is like a curtain of death. Well, you certainly can’t please everyone.
That’s why we’re so obsessed with the mid-length haircut. It falls into a ‘grey area’ where it’s too long to be called a bob, and too short to be called a long hairstyle. And because of the nonchalant, ‘I-don’t-care-what-people-think’ length, it’s ok to mess your hair up and let it be. Take a leaf from mid-length pioneer Alexa Chung: the length makes ‘messy bedhead’ look ‘effortlessly chic’. With a mid-length look, you only need minutes to style your hair. If running your fingers through it while you step out the door counts, that is.
Of course, you could still pull out all the stops of the occasion calls for it. A mid-length cut is long enough to be curled into sexy waves, or you can even straighten it for a super-sleek effect. Fancy something more in-your-face, because you’re sick of being nice? Give in to you inner rebel and get bangs!
The most basic mid-length cut. It can be styled up or down, or just left as is. If you can’t bear to snip off too much, a longer version like Rachel McAdams’ does the trick. Is the hot weather getting the better of you? A shorter ‘do keeps you cool without making you look like a boy/12-year-old child.
Short & Straight
short straight

Long & Straight  
long straight

A wavy mid-length style can be done two ways: with a body perm, or with a curling iron. A body perm will produce loose waves that look natural, while temporary curls give you more pronounced waves.
Loose Wavy

Tight Wavy

Bangs are the best way to ‘update’ your look without changing too much. Shorter bangs like Krysten Ritter’s give a retro pin-up girl effect, while a wispy fringe like Emma Stone’s covers a wide forehead. Don’t know what types of bangs suit you best? Here’s a handy guide!
Straight with Bangs
straight bangs

Wavy with Bangs
wavy bangs
Happy experimenting with your new looks!


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