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10 Cooling Products To Beat The Heat With!

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It’s been so hot recently I can literally feel my skin start to burn under direct sunlight. My mother seriously believes in covering up under the sun, even going to the extent of wearing a hat while walking from the house to the car. I don’t mind the tan, but I don’t like it when my arms start to feel hot when I’m driving. The sun’s not harsh enough to warrant a sunburn, but at times like these I wish there was something I could do to cool down my skin.
Thankfully, there are products in the market that have been made specifically for this purpose. They impart a slight tingling sensation, and since most of them feature menthol as one of the ingredients, your skin feels soothed instantly.
Here are some of Emmagem’s favourites for both face and body to keep cool on a hot summer’s day. But then again, in Malaysia, isn’t it summer all-year round?

For Face
Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask, from Sephora

Formulated without any parabens or sulphates, this sea blue peel-off mask contains Sea Whip, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that works wonders on irritated and inflamed skin. Willow Herb reduces redness while comforting skin, and Aloe Vera hydrates, heals and firms skin. Peppermint, on the other hand, works to give tired skin a wake-up call.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream
Specially-created for oily skin types, this spin-off from the bestselling Ultra Facial Cream is has a fresh texture that hydrates without leaving behind a greasy film. It contains Antarcticine, (sourced from Antarctica, duh!) which protects skin from harsh environments while keeping it well-hydrated. Non-scented and paraben-free, the gel-cream is said to provide 24-hour hydration!

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, from Sephora
Anti-aging products often get a bad rep for being too thick and goopy for Asian skin, but this one is a dream to use. The sorbet-like texture glides on skin easily and you instantly feel a cooling sensation. The main ingredient, Black Tea Ferment, is high in antioxidants to help prevent premature ageing, while Lychee Seed Extract helps maintain skin’s elasticity.

Etude House Mint Cooling Eye’s Cream, RM28.90, from
First of all, I’m a sucker for cute Korean beauty products. Secondly, I like eye creams that come in swivel sticks because that means I don’t have to get my fingers dirty. The blue-tinted solid gel is great because it neutralises dark circles while cooling down the delicate eye area. Probably not recommended for smoothing away fine lines, but then again it wasn’t made for anti-aging purposes anyway!

For Body
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet, RM59.90
You might have seen ads for The Body Shop’s Body Sorbet plastered all over its outlets – aren’t they delectable? Touted as ‘an industry first’, this cooling body moisturiser looks (and smells) like a real sorbet, and has a quick-melting texture that absorbs quickly to soothe parched skin. Perfect for our erratic weather, don’t you think? Contains Community Fair Trade organic Aloe too, so that’s definitely a bonus.

Johnson’s Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion, RM7.20
When this first came out, I wasn’t so fond of it. But one day I bought it on promotion and I began to fall in love with the ocean-y scent and gel texture. It’s better suited for normal (not dry) skin types, but it’s simply amazing for day time use. It dries to a velvety finish, and I can’t stop smelling and touching my own hands. Weird, but true.

Johnson’s Baby Cooling Gel Lotion, RM10.50
From the same brand, but specifically-formulated for babies (and big babies like you and me), comes a fairly-new offering. Sure, the packaging is nothing to shout about, but it sure is exciting to apply a gel-type body lotion! The best thing about gel lotions is that you can keep reapplying throughout the day without worrying about leaving horrible grease stains on your clothes/upholstery, and they rinse off easily in the shower.

Sabon Lavender Apple Sorbet Body Gel, USD22.00 (approx. RM70.60)
Originating from Israel, Sabon is a cult favourite in Japan and the States, but sadly it’s not available here (yet, we hope). The brand has a mind-boggling array of bodycare products to please even the most demanding beauty junkie, and the only thing keeping us from spending all our $$$ on Sabon products is the geographical location. This yummy lavender-apple gel contains Avocado Oil and Palm Tree Oil to soothe sunburned skin, and is suitable for all skin types.

Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel, ‎£2.20 (approx. RM12.10)
If you want an icy-cool shower experience, you should definitely consider Original Source’s Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel. The brand prides itself on making products using authentic ingredients, and we can vouch for the realistic-smelling scents across the shower gel selection. Nearest country that carries Original Source: Singapore. We’re jealous now.

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