Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Glitter Girl: Quick, Simple, Easy Looks!

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It’s almost Halloween! I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for the occasion, and I don’t think this year’s going to be any different.
But I really want to step out with a fresh look for Halloween this year without feeling the obligation to look like a ghoul/zombie/animal. Simply put, I want to look like myself, but with some extra flair.
(I still need to work, and I doubt my colleagues would be impressed if I turned up looking like the undead.)
This year, I’ve decided to add some pizzazz to my look with the addition of good-ol’ glitter. The challenge lies in making it…
a) wearable for daytime
b) not look childish
c) stay on without shedding all over
d) practical enough to carry off
Here are some ways to play with a different look this Halloween:

In your hair
Instead of slathering on glitter gel on your locks, try hair tinsel instead! Worn by Queen Bey at the 2010 Grammy Awards, hair tinsel is one of the prettiest ways to make your hair shine under the light.

Recently, Singaporean blogger Xiaxue posted a photo of herself with lilac hair and matching hair tinsel extensions, and our hearts nearly stopped beating.

The key to making this work is to keep hair straight (hair tinsel can’t be curled, and will look really messy) and soft, and add the extensions sparingly for a ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ effect.
Not like this.
hair tinsel wig

On your eyes
Not all types of glitter are suitable for the eye area, lest the particles get into your eyes. (Trust me, they hurt real bad!) If you have double eyelids, accentuate the upper lids with glitter for a peek-a-boo look that can only be seen when you blink.
1) Line eyes with gel eyeliner and create a cats’ eye
2) Trace the upper part of the eyeliner with glitter eyeliner
(Try Collection Cosmetics Glam Crystals Gel Liner or NYX Candy Glitter Liner)
3) Look down and allow to dry completely
Alternatively, you can do a smokey eye and layer glitter on top. Choose those with finer particles that really pack a punch in shimmer. They look more expensive, too!
For single eyelids, try this look instead:
1) Curl lashes and line the upper eyelids with black eyeliner
2) Trace the bottom lashline with coloured eyeliner
3) Go over the coloured eyeliner with glitter eyeliner
Note: glitter eyeliner adheres better to eyelids compared with loose glitter, and creates a cleaner finish. If you don’t want to risk getting loose particles in your eyes, use rhinestones instead.

On your lips
Okay, sticking glitter to your lips is the worst idea ever because you don’t want to end up eating it. But if it’s Violent Lips, you don’t have to worry at all! These ‘temporary tattoos’ for your lips stay put even after drinking, so you can rock a different look on Halloween night and still look amazing.

Bottom line:
The outcome should be subtle – so focus on one part at a time, and make sure you practice beforehand so you don’t mess it up on the actual day. Ultimately, you want to look like you, only with more swag (sorry, I couldn’t find a better word).
Unless you’re channeling the whole ‘GaGa’ look…


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