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INSPO WEEK: Beauty Blogger-Turned-Celebs

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Despite my lack of trust in the Internet, I read quite a number of blogs. Of course, bloggers come in many different types. There are the ones who just look pretty, attend events, copy & paste the information from the press release and then call themselves bloggers. And then there are the ones who really blog; the ones who meticulously try each and every product they write about, and give honest-to-god reviews about whether a product works.
For many fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast) and Tavi Gevinson (of now-defunct Style Rookie blog and currently editor of Rookie mag), their dreams have come true. From writing about their favourite brands and posting outfit photos of themselves, they now join the ranks of the fashion elite at fashion shows all around the world, get sent press samples and move up from mere mortal to demigod status.
Similarly, the beauty industry also boasts some blogger-turned-celebs who now enjoy a spot of well-deserved fame:

Michelle Phan

During my high school years, I read a particular blog religiously. She was a Vietnamese art student in America, and she often posted photos of her work, as well as her outfits and makeup looks on her Xanga (yes, it has been that long!). Her handle was Ricebunny. You probably know her better as Michelle Phan.
She’s definitely come a long way, with a string of highs and lows in her life that for somebody at the young age of 27, can proudly say “been there, done that”. After a rocky start with her first product line, IQQU, which bombed (to say the least), she’s bounced back even stronger ever since. After a stint as Lancome’s official video makeup artist, she founded a beauty box now known as ipsy, and went on to create her own makeup line, EM.
em life palette beach pa
Fame doesn’t come for free, though, as Phan has as many haters as she does fans. However that hasn’t dampened her spirit and passion in doing what she does best – show girls around the world how to look good without having to turn to plastic surgery.

Before this, Zoe Sugg was just your average twenty-something working as an apprentice at an interior design company. In 2009, she created her blog and called herself Zoella. And she became famous. The end.
Just kidding. After the blog, Sugg set up a Youtube channel. Apart from vlogging, she makes videos of her beauty favourites, hauls (what she buys) and seemingly mundane stuff that adults wouldn’t care for. But with teens and girls her age, Sugg struck jackpot. Through her newfound fame, she was named one of Britain’s most influential Tweeters of 2013 by The Telegraph, and has appeared on television. This year, in November, she was also featured in British Vogue.
And that’s not all. The 24-year-old also has a two-book deal in the works, with her first novel Girl Online in stores, just starting this week. On top of that, there’s Zoella Beauty, Sugg’s line of bath and beauty products, which sold out within ten hours of its launch at Superdrug.
Not bad at all, especially if you think about what you were doing at 24.

Emily Weiss
emily weiss
Before you go ‘Emily who?’ you might recognize the blog she founded: Into The Gloss. This beauty blog now operates like a full-fledged online mag, with its own editorial team based in New York, as well as a number of contributors in Paris, London, Singapore and more.
Emily Weiss was once a Vogue assistant who bordered a love for beauty products. Her experience in the publishing industry is extensive, having worked at Teen Vogue and W before moving on to greener pastures at Vogue. She started her blog, Into The Gloss in 2010, after getting the idea of wanting to read something about beauty from a reader’s point of view.
Her job at Vogue opened doors for her to get the blog going. Off the bat, Weiss was already featuring industry heavyweights like then-Vogue editor Sally Singer and supermodel Karlie Kloss. She juggled her full-time job while posting articles three times a week and doing photoshoots during the weekend, using her self-taught skills picked up from work.
And now, Weiss is not only the proud mama of one of the top beauty sites ever, she also has a skincare brand, Glossier, a no-fuss brand that’s created to love the skin without gaudy packaging or too-lavish ingredients.

So, maybe one day, Malaysia will also have a beauty blogger who can make us proud!


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