Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Beauty Keywords of 2015 (And Trends That Need to Go Away)

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As we progress towards the next quarter of the year, the beauty world gets some well-needed updates. Here are some keywords to watch:
#1: Wavy bob
wavy bob
Last year, we went a lil crazy over mid-length haircuts. This year, it’s all about wavy bobs. But instead of a tight, defined perm, which looks kinda contrived, hair is big on natural volume and movement. Whether smoothed down (like Queen Bey) or loosely-coiffed (like Elizabeth Olsen), a center parting makes you look more elegant, and people will tend to take you more seriously at work. At night, add a pinch of sexiness by creating a side part. Either cropped short or grown-out, we’re loving the wavy bob, no doubt about it.
Clockwise from top left: Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Rita Ora, Elizabeth Olsen

#2: Hair bungees
Forget elastic bands that snag in your hair or ugly scrunchies reserved for pulling hair away from your face when you’re couch potato-ing at home. For a polished look, look no further as the hair bungee lets you tie your hair without pulling or tugging. Word has it that top hairstylists love using it on celebrities (Katie Holmes rocked a low side pony during this year’s Golden Globes), and it’s been spotted making appearances on the runway. Hide it or show it, you won’t be looking passé with the hair bungee.

#3: Neon eyeliner stickers
Kinda like the transparent double eyelid stickers but cooler, neon eyeliner patches are something to watch. Granted, they’re not something you would wear on an everyday basis, but when it’s time to change your look and have some fun, these do the trick without having to deal with the hassle of applying (or at least trying to apply) liquid eyeliner with a steady hand. We like how these stickers give you instant double eyelids, too.
From left: DiorFendi

#4: Multifunction skincare
multi use
The discerning beauty junkie appreciates it when her beauty product does more than just one thing. It makes travelling so much easier as you cut down on luggage space.
Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: Got severely dry skin? Minor burns and scalds? Sunburn? Minor open wounds? Cuts? Nappy rash? Chafing? Insect bites? Splinters? No worries – this balm, which contains fermented papaya, heals all your skin woes.
Nivea Crème: Japanese models swear by this moisturiser for their face. Although originally intended for the body, Nivea Crème can also be used as a cream makeup remover, or even a mask for super-dry skin.
Smith’s Rosebud Salve: Firstly, what’s not to love about the vintage-inspired packaging? This glossy salve is a lip balm that also soothes minor burns, cracked heels, flaky elbows and even diaper rash.
Egyptian Magic Cream: Despite being an oil-based product with rather questionable packaging (heh), this is a moisturiser, sunscreen, makeup primer, aftershave, eye cream, makeup remover, after-sun treatment, hair treatment and massage oil rolled into one.

#5: Selfie-ready makeup
As the ‘selfie culture’ continues to invade the world (even my mother is familiar with the word, and has a penchant for the occasional we-fie without having to be forced into doing it), beauty brands are coming up with makeup products that act to create a soft, diffused look. So, you don’t just have the Beauty Face mode on your camera; you’ve also got selfie-ready makeup. Double whammy.
From left: Make Up For Ever HD, Diorskin StarRevlon PhotoReady

And good riddance to…
My Little Pony hair
Please, no more rainbow hair! It’s so overdone, and we don’t think we could stomach any more faded neither-here-nor-there colours or overgrown black roots. Please save our poor eyes from the horrible sight of bad bleaches and funky colours, because perfectly psychedelic hair only exists in theory and in photos. In real life, it’s a complete letdown.

Stiletto nails
Celebs are able to rock this look because a) they don’t need to clean the house; b) they don’t have to dress themselves; c) they can sit around all day and look pretty without having to lift a finger; d) they don’t have to do things like open car doors, write stuff or cook Maggi mee. Stiletto nails in nude (as pictured) looks scary enough, now imagine them in black or red. Mmm, witchy!


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