Friday, April 10, 2015

Retro Revival: SS15 Beauty Trend Roundup

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It’s official, ladies – retro is the new black. Spotted on the runways during SS15 fashion shows were trends that our mothers rocked back in the day. Blue eyeliner, crimped hair, glitter everywhere… we’re kind of in love with these looks, because they remind us that beauty should be about having fun with your look.
Crimped ponytail @ Stella McCartney
There was a time when crimped hair was for the not-so-cool. Well, who’s having the last laugh now? We love the sleek, shiny look of the ponytail; this is definitely not jagung hair from the late 1990s. (Where I come from, permanent crimping was referred to as the jagung perm during its heyday.)
Make it work: instead of crimping the entire head of hair, give dry locks a once-over with a flat iron first. Then, grab a one-inch thick section and crimp it, making sure to leave some space in between each ‘crimp’. Repeat twice or 3 times around the head. After that, tie hair into a low ponytail using a slim black elastic band.

Electric blue eyeshadow @ Elie Saab
I remember looking at magazines from the ‘80s – the models had bright blue eyeshadow smeared on their lids, paired with garish pink lipstick. I remember thinking it was the prettiest thing in the world. I rocked it when I was in primary school, on special occasions when I’d beg my mother to put on makeup for me. The new version is (of course) more sex-bomb, less drag-queen.
Make it work: the trick is to not use one single shade. Go with three colours instead: black (eyeliner), navy blue (eyeshadow) and metallic peacock blue (eyeshadow). Use navy blue eyeshadow to define the entire eye – this gives your eyes more depth and prevents them from looking puffy. Apply the peacock blue as an accent colour on top of the navy blue, focusing on the inner corners and lower lashline. Finally, line eyes with black eyeliner to make them pop.

Glitter explosion @ Ashish
Think My Little Pony meets Jem and the Holograms meets Care Bears. This isn’t a look you’d wear to the office. But for fun times that require some OTT dressing up just for kicks, nobody’s gonna say you didn’t try.
Make it work: prevent glitter from getting into your eyes (pain level 427368521) by priming the eyelids well. Your best bet is eyelash glue – it gets the job done, glitter stays put, you can dance the night away without worrying about your makeup melting. Since it’s a whole lot of glitter, you can skip eyeshadow and just apply lash glue on clean eyelids, then gently tap glitter on top when the glue is 70% dry. For a lil’ extra something, finish off with rhinestones. Snazzy!

Spider lashes + funky liner @ Orla Kiely
Apparently, this look was inspired by classic French New Wave films, with a ‘60s dreaminess. The result: a less dramatic Twiggy-esque look that’s surprisingly wearable, especially on days when you’re just not bothered to go all out.
Make it work: prime eyes with white cream eyeshadow and dab on pearl-coloured highlighter on the center of the lid, right on top of where the rounded part of your eyeball is. While keeping your eyes open, trace slightly above the crease (where the eyelid folds up) with a slightly-blunt eyeliner pencil. You can work inwards from the outer corners – this makes it easy to estimate the shape. After that, curl lashes and apply A LOT of mascara. Let each layer dry and reapply until you achieve the spindly effect as desired.


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