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The Most Annoying Beauty Habits Women (And Men!) Have

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to the horrendous things people subject themselves to just so that they can look prettier. Wait – let me rephrase that. Just so that they think that they can look prettier.
Personally, I think that as women, it’s our own responsibility to make sure we look good at all times. By that, I don’t mean taking up canggih skillz like hairdressing and all that shiz, but there are things that we should at least know about our features/skin tone/etc, so that we don’t unknowingly allow ourselves to be ridiculed because we listened to unqualified advice.
Here are some of the most annoying beauty habits women seem to practice on a regular basis:

Too-pale foundation
As Asians, we’ve been brought up to believe that fair skin is beautiful, so sometimes we try to overcompensate by using foundation that’s too light for our natural skin tone.
When I was in primary school, I remember a worker at the canteen. She had a really pale face, but her neck and hands were much, much darker. On hot days, she’d sweat profusely, and as the rivulets began to trail down her face, you’d see her foundation melt and she’d have greyish tracks that belied her true skin colour.
Kick the habit: When buying foundation, try it on the inside of your wrist instead of on the back of your hand. The backs of your hands are often exposed to the sun, making it darker than your original skin tone. Experts advise trying foundation on your jawline, but seriously who has time for that. Your next best bet is the inside of your wrist. The foundation should ‘disappear’ into your skin without leaving a whitish cast.

Overly fake straight Korean brows
The K-pop wave brought us swoon-worthy eye candy in the form of TOP and Rain, but it also brought forth a case of Korean eyebrows gone bad. Suddenly, every Malaysian girl is filling in her eyebrows in excessive shape and size to create the ‘pitiful but cute look’ that Korean girls are known for.
But not every girl can rock the look, not even if she’s Megan Fox. And that’s saying something.
Megan Fox Wallpapers
Kick the habit: Stop doing these two things: 1) using weird brow stencils bought off the internet. 2) going for brow embroidery at beauty salons. Start doing one thing: 1) practice filling in your own brows. Take a photo of the finished product. Compare shapes and choose the one that matches your features best. You are now one step closer to beauty nirvana.

Perfume overdose
This has happened to me so many times I’ve lost count. I step into a lift and almost suffocate myself to death on the perfume trail left by the woman who just got out. I go to the cinema and have the wonderful luck to sit next to a woman who has so much perfume on; I can’t even taste my popcorn. I walk past a woman only to have her perfume haunt me for the next 30 minutes.
Kick the habit: Limit perfume use to a maximum of 3 sprays, and instead of concentrating all 3 sprays on the same spot, ‘distribute’ them so that your body is surrounded evenly – 1 spray in front, 1 at the back and 1 behind your legs.

Bonus: it’s not just women! Men, too!
That super-long thumbnail/ pinky nail
кит. ноготь2
Is he a guitarist? Is he contending for a Guinness record? Does his job require him to have long(er) fingernails?
It’s a nose-picking, ear-picking, tooth-picking tool. And everyone knows it. Gross.

The need to keep fiddling with his hair in front of every mirror
Some guys take more time in mall toilets that I do. And I’ve discovered why. They fiddle with their hair. And not just in toilets. In departmental stores. In restaurants. In corridors. While waiting for the girlfriend outside the fitting room. Basically anywhere where they can see a reflection of themselves.
Oooh, fancy.


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