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Top 5 SUPER AFFORDABLE Makeup Brands in Malaysia

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I’m a sucker for a good bargain. My favourite thing to do is trawl the pharmacies in search of a good deal, especially when it comes to makeup. Personally, I can’t bring myself to fork out RM50 (or more, God forbid) for an eyeliner, and so I strongly advocate using drugstore brands. The quality is as good as it gets for everyday wear, and you definitely won’t feel the pinch when you restock your favourite items! Here are the top 5 affordable makeup brands in Malaysia, with prices so low you’ll be laughing all the way home.

No.5 – IN2IT
I remember IN2IT being in the market ever since I was in high school. Despite the tough competition, it’s managed to stand strong, primarily because the prices are so affordable. Where else can you get a decent lip tint for less than 10 Ringgit!?
Must-try items: Gel Tint, RM9.90; Line Define Peel-Off Eyeliner, RM15.90

No.4 – Collection Cosmetics
This UK brand might be a newcomer in the Malaysian cosmetic scene, but if you’re looking for fun colours that won’t cost a bomb, they’ve got choices to boggle your mind. In the UK, they even have exclusive Little Mix colours! And the glitter eyeliners are to-die-for (they stay on pretty well, too).
Must-try items: Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner, RM24.45; Ultimate Fix Foundation, RM31.70

No.3 – essence
For an affordable makeup brand, essence sure does have a lot of products. There are more than 10 choices of mascara, each with a different effect. I picked up the nail polish and I have to say – I’m really impressed with the finish, and the brush is almost a dupe of Dior Vernis!
Must-try items: Gel-look Plumping Top Coat, RM10.90; Metal Glam Eyeshadow, RM13.65

No.2 – Silkygirl
Launched in 2005, we often associate Silkygirl as the brand that replaced Wet ‘n’ Wild in Malaysia. The brand is equally huge in Singapore, and is known for its well-known ambassadors like Sharifah Amani (Malaysia), Juliana Evans (Malaysia), Felicia Chin (Singapore) and Hayley Woo (Singapore).
Must-try items: Perfect Stay 20 Hours Eyeliner, RM15.90; Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm, RM20.90

No.1 – Catrice
I spotted this new brand at Guardian recently, and I was wowed by the packaging. For that price, you certainly can’t get this elsewhere. Apparently Catrice is produced by the same company that makes essence. But the packaging – OMG so sophisticated! And the eyeshadow palettes are simply lovely.
Must-try items: Liquid Metal Eyeshadow, RM21.90; Allround Concealer, RM18.90

(Images: projectvanity.com, vaingloriousyou.blogspot.sg, feminspire.com, beautysouthafrica.com and from respective brand websites)

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