Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life's too short for complicated routines: all hail the beauty shortcut club

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With so many things to take care of in life, no girl has time to preen in front of the mirror for hours (unless you’re Kim K, then that’s a different story).
But even when you’re pressed for time, there’s no denying the need to look good (or at least, put-together and presentable). Here are some of the best beauty shortcuts that will save your sanity:

Curl your lashes and skip mascara.
Sadly for us Asians, our lashes are the stick-straight type that point downwards no matter what. That’s why we look sick and miserable in the mornings, when our eyes are puffy from lack of sleep – the lashes are pretty non-existent. Curling them close to the roots creates an instant eye-opening effect, but skip the mascara so that the curl lasts all day long. Applying too much mascara only weighs down the lashes, making them point downwards yet again.
Our fave Asian eye-friendly eyelash curler: Shiseido Eyelash Curler (the old silver one, not the new black-tinted metal one), for its ultra-curved pad that reaches even the tiny lashes on the inner corners.

Brighten up skin with a pink lipstain.
Lip Stain
On days when I’m so not bothered to apply eyeliner (which is quite often nowadays as I’ve chosen to sleep in for that extra 20 minutes every morning), I just do my brows (important!), curl my lashes (important!) and apply a pink lip colour. But instead of slicking it on directly from the tube, which creates a super-pigmented effect that goes horribly with my dressed-down look (like in the pic on the right – too jarring!), I prep my lips with lipbalm, and then dab the lipstick on my lips, evening it out with my fingertip (like Dakota Fanning’s look – subtle yet pleasant). Voila – semi-translucent bright pink lipstain and instantly-fairer skin.
These stay-put lip colours will perk your skin up for sure: Maybelline ColorSensational Pink Alert Lipstick. With 4 shades to choose from, these go on surprisingly sheer despite looking rather shocking. Perfect for everyday wear.

Cleanse with only water in the morning.
ViVi magazine is one of the most popular Japanese fashion magazines, and they’re known for their beautiful models who model exclusively for the mag. In an interview, many of the models revealed that they only rinse their faces in the morning, skipping cleanser altogether! Apparently this prevents skin from drying out, giving your complexion a radiant glow that never fades.
But if you can’t bring yourself to do it: Opt for a non-foaming cleanser like Cetaphil instead. Fragrance-free and ultra-mild, it gently cleanses skin without leaving it tight or squeaky-clean. My skin has never looked better since I made the switch.

Use a shower oil in place of body soap.
Hydration is the secret to beautifully-smooth skin, but how many of us actually have the determination and patience to moisturise every night? Not me, definitely! But ever since discovering shower oil, my life has been so much simpler. The oil emulsifies upon contact with water, turning into a light milk that rinses clean without that icky oily feeling. As a result, your skin is hydrated, even without applying moisturiser!
We really like these two shower oils for different budgets: Lipidol Shower Oil (RM25.90) and L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil (RM100). The Lipidol one smells like lime candy thanks to the addition of lime essential oil, while the L’Occitane one is a delicious powdery treat that leaves your skin smelling like a baby.
shower oil

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