Monday, July 20, 2015

The great '90s comeback: it's cool to be old-school

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Like karma, fashion also follows the rule of ‘what goes around comes around’. What was huge 20 years ago, with a stroke of luck, might come back harder, better, faster and stronger. As illustrated by our top pick of ‘90s trends that have us wishing we’d hung on to our stuff instead of throwing them away:
Tattoo chokers
tattoo choker
Ah, the good old days when we would wait impatiently to watch Buffy and Charmed on TV. Kids nowadays are so lucky; they will never understand the pain of not being able to watch their favourite shows. If you’re from that era, you’ll remember this: tattoo chokers. Actually, tattoo everything: bracelets, anklets and rings too. They’re back in trend, with celebs like Katy Perry and Selena Gomez rocking them.

Glitter jelly shoes
When I was 11, my mother got me my first-ever pair of glitter jelly slippers. They were silver, with bows on top. They made this weird clumping sound whenever I walked, but I loved them to bits. As the world can never have enough glittery things, jelly shoes infused with glitter still strike a soft spot in our hearts. Thankfully the hideous cutout designs are long gone, and in their place, more wearable, practical designs.
jelly shoes

Bohemian braids
boho braids
Be it a side-part French braid, or an underneath-braid that peeks out from the side, boho braids are back in full swing. The trick is to create a full effect, usually achieved via backcombing and a bit of volume spray at the roots. Oily roots, too-tight braids and visible bald spots are a big no, so it’s always better to do this on freshly-washed dry hair.

Metallic eye makeup
Think less along the lines of Scary Spice in the prime of Spice Girls’ career, and more along the lines of #iwokeuplikethis, only better. Instead of smearing metallic eyeshadow all over your lids, use a smidge of gold or bronze liner, just on the inner ‘V’ corners of the eyes. Curl your lashes, and go sans mascara. Blend a bit of cream blush on the cheeks, slick on peach-tinted lipbalm, and you’re all good.

Brown lipstick
brown lips
Back in the ‘90s, brown lipstick should have had a tagline, ‘as seen on Cindy Crawford’. Or Jennifer Aniston, or Drew Barrymore, for that matter. Actually all the female population who was ‘trendy’ had worn brown lippie at least once. After that, it was no longer cool to be brown, as striking lip colours like fuchsia, vermilion and violet took over. But now, with new blood like Kylie Jenner and Lupita Nyong’o paving the way, we’re not surprised that brown is the new red. The trick is to choose either a sheer shine or an opaque matte, never both.


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