Thursday, September 17, 2015

6 beauty faux pas that need to die NOW.

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You see a hot girl at the mall. She’s got lush, wavy hair down to her waist (which is tiny, by the way), and her legs just seem to go on forever. You think to yourself, ‘That must be one hell of a looker”, and you walk past her and turn around to look at her (while pretending to look at something else behind her, of course – stalker tendencies come in handy).
And you are taken aback by her horrible eyebrows that look like they’ve been drawn on by a 3-year-old child.
That, and many other beauty faux pas are some of the biggest let-downs of all time. And in no particular order (because we loathe all of them equally as much), our list of beauty paux pas that need to die now, or else the world shalt feel our wrath:

Penciled-in cartoon brows
I’ve seen so many girls commit the cardinal sin of drawing on their brows but failing to blend them properly. The secret to a pair of good brows lies in BLENDING. No matter how perfectly drawn they are, brows just don’t look nice when they look like they’ve been drawn on. That’s why every girl needs a spoolie brush to ‘sweep’ those nasty outlines away. Essentially, brows should still look like brows. Your brow pencil/wax/powder is supposed to darken the colour of your brows and enhance the shape only, not entirely swallow your brows whole.
A good example of what not to do with your brows.

Horizontal no-arch eyebrows
An extremely common sight in Malaysia these days, thanks to the popularity of K-pop/K-beauty/K-dramas. Off the top of my head, I could easily come up with more than 5 prominent female bloggers who have a bad case of Korean eyebrows. Completely overdone, badly-shaped and too thick, no-arch straight brows end up emphasising the wrong things, making you look perpetually sad and stunned. Personally, I don’t mind thickening the brows, but a bit of arch does make you look more human.
A good example of great brows.

Haphazardly-drawn eyeliner
Eyeliner is a deadly weapon. Used correctly, it accentuates and opens up the eyes extremely well. When used in a cincai fashion, it’s basically your loss. Nobody wants to see the bare part of your eyelids in between your eyeliner and your eyelashes, because hey – it’s not supposed to be visible! People who that tell you eyeliner is a simple ‘flick-and-go’ affair? They’re all lying. After you flick, you’ve gotta make sure you fill in those unsightly gaps properly so that your eyeliner looks like it joins seamlessly with your lashline. It’s not supposed to look like it’s floating 1mm on top of your lashes.
The liner’s good, but the brows are a bit the horrendous, please ignore them.

Super-thick false eyelashes
Lifetime And Sony Pictures Television Red Carpet Launch Party For "The Client List"
As you know, Japanese women are big on natural-effect makeup, especially during the daytime. Sometimes, when I wear eyeliner to work, my Japanese colleagues ask me if I’m going for a party. So, I was hotel with a Japanese friend. We were at the reception, and the receptionist had these super-thick false lashes on – the type where they’re so dense, they look like wings? Yep, those. My friend was, needless to say, horrified. So was I, but this is Malaysia and I’m accustomed to looking at them by now. But then again, needlessly thick falsies should all be burned and never worn again.

Using a truckload of perfume
woman hands spraying perfume
I was in the lift the other day, and although it was empty, I could clearly smell the leftover perfume from someone before me. It was enough to suffocate a cat/small dog. This problem plagues not just women, but men as well. Somehow I find that men are more guilty of this faux pax than women. What these people lack in their lives is a really honest friend who will not hesitate to tell them that perfume should be used sparingly (3 to 4 sprays will suffice) instead of dousing oneself as if one is on fire and that the perfume will help to put out the flames.

Poorly cared-for cracked heels
Okay, I admit that I’m usually very lazy when it comes to taking care of my feet. But then I stand behind a pretty woman wearing beautiful strappy sandals, and I see that she has nasty cracked heels, so the one thing I immediately do when I get home is to slather my feet with lotion and put on some socks. Sometimes I cheat and just wear socks, which makes me feel better, though I’m not sure whether it’s just paranoia on my part (I think it is). Don’t be lazy! Take care of your feet as you would your face. Moisturise your toenails, cuticles, and the soles with an oil-based balm or a rich hand cream. You’ll have snag-free heels in no time!


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