Thursday, September 17, 2015

How go get beach-ready in 15 minutes FLAT!

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Okay, technically there’s no summer in Malaysia, but July-August is a great time for some beach travelin’. Thanks to budget airlines, we can fly just about anywhere without paying a ridiculous sum of $$ on air tickets. Boracay, Hua Hin, Koh Samui are popular desinations to soak up the sun and get a gorgeous tan. Or if you prefer something local (Cuti-cuti Malaysia, yo), there’s always Langkawi, Pangkor or even Sepang Gold Coast.
Here’s how to look fabulous with these no-fuss tricks that will have you beach-ready even before you know it.
Put your hair up!
Forget coiffed locks; the beach is the last place to let your hair loose because the wind whips it into a crazy, nest-like mess which isn’t so hot, if you ask us. Secure your hair in place so that you can fully enjoy what your holiday has to offer.
For long hair:
A braided beach bun is the way to go! Part your hair down the centre and start making a French braid down the sides, all the way to the back. Secure into a ponytail and leave it as it is, or tie everything into a messy bun.
For short hair:
Grab a bright scarf and roll it into a long strip. Push your hair back away from your face and knot the scarf on top. This works best if the scarf isn’t made from a slippery material like satin – cotton or linen scarves stay on better.

Do a minimal nude face!
At the beach, less is more. And make sure your makeup is waterproof. Instead of foundation, opt for tinted moisturiser, which gives your skin a translucent, dewy effect that doesn’t look powdered-on. Lipgloss is best left at home because getting your hair stuck to your lips is gross.
For day:
Flush up your cheeks with a peachy cream blusher, and define your eyebrows so that they look presentable. Curl your lashes sky-high (mascara optional). Finish off with SPF lipbalm or slick on a super-bright lip colour for some fun.
For night:
Go easy on the brows, but accentuate your eyes and skin with lots of highlighter so that you look positively glowing, especially under dim lighting! Apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes to open them up, and shade it along your cheekbones, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and chin.

Protect your skin from the sun!
If your #1 goal is to get a fabulous tan, make sure you still apply sunscreen beforehand to prevent your skin from frying under the sun. The sun’s rays in tropical climates aren’t meant for long-term exposure, because you’ll most likely burn instead of turn a delicious shade of brown.
For the face:
gel sunblock

Not a fan of slathering goop on your face? Well, neither are we! Get an affordable gel-type sunscreen (we like brands like Daylong’s TM SPF 50+ Face and Body Gel which is oil free,emulsifier free, very water resistant, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic) as well as Biore, Sunkiller and Suhada Fit, which can be found in local pharmacies and drugstores) instead of the milky ones. They’re cooling on the skin, and can be easily applied without leaving a whitish cast.
For the body:
spray sunblock

We’re huge converts of spray-type sunscreens. They’re super user-friendly, ensuring full sun protection even on your back, scalp and other hard-to-reach areas! Plus, whenever needed, a quick mist all over makes reapplying a breeze. Nope, there’s literally nothing not to like about spray sunblocks.

What are you waiting for? Get on that flight, rock your new bikini and have fun!


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