Monday, October 5, 2015

6 cult brands we wish were here in Malaysia

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Malaysia has its fair share of beauty products from around the globe, but for the cult fanatic, there still is something lacking. Granted, we now have Urban Decay and NYX in Sephora, and also NARS, but sometimes don’t you wish there was just more lesser-known but equally-amazing brands to choose from? I mean, there’s only so much of mainstream beauty one can take.

It’s not impossible to get your hands on these products even though they’re not available in Malaysia (thank god for the Internet and international shipping), but I’m sure many girls want to touch, feel and try the real thing before deciding to part with with their $$$.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of cult beauty brands, and I would gladly spend my hard-earned bucks on some of these brands:

Lime Crime
Created by unicorn-haired Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s claim to fame is its rainbow of super-pigmented, creamy lipsticks. From work-friendly colours like Geradium (pinkish orange) to potentially-NSFW shades like Serpentina (metallic dark green), you can push your imagination to the limit. As founder Deere says, you should ‘live unapologetically’.
Nearest physical outlet: Bangkok

Every self-respecting beauty junkie knows about LUSH. Bath bombs, shower jellies, shampoo bars… it’s like bathtime in paradise. When their Emotional Brilliance colour line came out in 2012, based on the concept where colours could be selected according to the user’s personality, we practically exploded with excitement.
Nearest physical outlet: Singapore

addiction by ayako
ADDICTION is kind of like Kose’s answer to Kanebo’s KATE, only more grown-up, sleeker and sexier. The creator of the brand, Ayako, used to work as international makeup director for NARS, and has worked her magic on celebs like Anne Hathaway, JLo and Naomi Campbell, to name a few. Known for its eyeshadows, ADDICTION doesn’t come cheap, but the Internet loves it and so do we.
Nearest physical outlet: Japan

For starters, we can’t even pronounce the name right (it’s ‘shan-teh-kigh’), but we’re totally in love with the intricate eyeshadow palettes as well as the super-luxurious skincare. Every season, they launch a limited edition collector’s item to give back to charity. Each palette is for a different cause; from bees to tigers to sharks and most recently, wolves.
Nearest physical outlet: Hong Kong

Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)
100% vegan, cruelty-free and wonderfully addictive, these hyper-intense Lip Tars come in nifty tubes featuring clean, no-fuss packaging that will certainly make us borderline-OCD neat freaks happy. You can wear them alone, or get creative and mix up your own shade. The blues, greens and yellows might look daunting, but they add depth and character to your usual pick of red/pink/orange.
Nearest physical outlet: USA (though you can also get your stash online via Serendipity or Bellabox Singapore)

This British-born beauty brand is easily recognisable, thanks to its squarish packaging with curved sides. Its speckled nail polish has done many rounds on Pinterest, so even though the brand name might be new to some, the colours will definitely make you go, “Oh! I’ve seen that somewhere before!” With names like Milf, Throb, Phallic and Kink, we’re pretty sure that Illamasqua appeals to your twisted, dark side.
Nearest physical outlet: Bangkok


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