Monday, October 12, 2015

6 of the weirdest (but most stylish) hair jargon

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The beauty industry is forever coming up with new trends and names to keep things ‘fresh’. Some of them are understandable, but some just make you go ‘uhhhhh’. We’ve rounded up some of the weirdest terms that produce the most unexpectedly stylish results.
The mid-length cut was all the rage through last year and the first half of 2015. It’s called a lob, a combination of ‘long’ + ‘bob’. But with its blunt ends and almost-uniform length, we’re thinking that it’s aptly named because it looks like someone (highly-skilled, of course) took a pair of scissors to one’s hair and simply lobbed off the ends. Ultimately, the lob is a flattering cut for all face shapes, but requires a bit of styling for it to look polished, especially when it starts to hit the shoulders.

The latest term to make its arounds, the swag (or swingy shag) is like an updated version of a lob-shag hybrid. It’s a little ‘80s inspired, with long, blunt layers and loose waves, paired with curtain bangs. Not into high-maintenance hairstyles? This is perfect for you because the intended outcome of a swag is meant to look like you haven’t had a haircut in months.

According to the dictionary, a gamine is a girl with a mischievous or boyish charm. She’s cute, cheeky and a little delicate. Kind of like Tinkerbell, Twiggy (as a teenager) or even Natalie Portman. As a result, gamine haircuts are often short but not edgy, bordering on the sweet side. Soft pixie cuts and super-short micro bangs (please see below) go hand in hand. They’re best suited for women with fine bone structure and/or rounded faces.

Micro bangs
Like bangs, but waaaay shorter. Micro bangs go as long as a few cms above the brows, but for the more daring, 3-cm bangs are known to make a strong statement as well. It’s also called baby bangs, but for some reason that just sounds weird, so we’re going to stick with micro bangs. Be warned, though – micro bangs take a lot of work to maintain and style because of the awkward length. With micro bangs, your goal is to look cute and weird (think Zooey Deschanel), not strange and weird (like Gaga).

First, there were highlights, then came lowlights. Now, there are also babylights. Erm… what? Apparently, the term was inspired by the subtle, multi-dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair. This form of highlighting is very delicate, making the effect subtle, natural and soft.  It also requires minimal maintenance, which makes up for the hefty price tag and long hours spent at the salon.

Remember the horrible dip-dyed ombré with green ends on black hair? Thank goodness they’re no longer in trend. The soft ombré, on the other hand, is more than welcome to overstay its welcome. With the colour gradually transitioning into a lighter tone compared to your roots, sombré hair is a great option for dark-haired girls who aren’t really bothered about touching up their roots every month.


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