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9 beauty myths everyone believes (that aren't true!)

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I remember when I was young, my mom would never let me cut my fingernails at night. She’d tell me that the bogeyman would come out and get me if I did. Then one day, out of typical childish rebellion, I decided to cut my fingernails at night. Nothing happened.
On the other hand, my mom never believed in the ‘pluck one grey hair and three will grow back in its place’ myth. I watched her tweeze the white strands of hair that stuck out. She still does that sometimes, but not as often as she used to because she has more grey hair nowadays.
So I put together a list of beauty myths that many women around the world follow religiously, without actually knowing that they’re not true at all.

MYTH 1: You can repair split ends.
Many haircare brands sell products and serums that claim to repair your split ends, but the truth is that you can never ‘mend’ a split end. If it’s split, it stays split, you know? The only way to ever get rid of split ends effectively is to snip them off. And then, do the whole ‘prevention is better than cure’ routine to keep ‘em from coming back.

MYTH 2: Face oils suffocate your skin and make you break out.
Many girls with oily skin stay away from oils because hey – who doesn’t know that oil clogs your pores and makes you break out even more? Wrong! You’d be surprised to find that there are also oils that are great for oily skin, like tea tree and geranium. Also, the current crowd favourite, coconut oil, deserves a mention. Not only is it said to be beneficial for the body and mind if consumed regularly; it also works amazingly well as a body moisturiser that doesn’t leave your skin slick and greasy.

MYTH 3: Washing your face frequently helps to keep acne away.
One of the biggest mistakes people with acne make is cleansing their skin too frequently. When you wash your face with a foaming cleanser, the harsh surfactants that make your skin feel squeaky-clean strip away skin’s natural oils and disrupt the skin’s pH level. This makes it even more susceptible to bacterial infection! Instead, use a non-foaming cleanser that’s designed for sensitive skin for a gentler cleanse. Your skin will thank you for it.

MYTH 4: Wearing a bra to sleep will cause breast cancer.
Caucasian woman sleeping in bed
Wearing a bra at night will not cause you to get breast cancer! If you feel more comfortable keeping your assets ‘contained’, opt for a non-underwired, lightly-padded bra that won’t restrict movement or jab you in the sides when you toss and turn. But of course, whenever possible, it’s also nice to let the girls take a breather from being confined in a tight space for a big part of the day.

MYTH 5: Brushing your hair 100 times before bed makes it shinier.
The main purpose of brushing your hair is to remove tangles and prevent your hair from looking like a lion’s mane the next day. Once you have all the kinks out, it’s time to stop. Brushing your hair too much causes the lengths to weaken, making your locks more prone to breakage. And, never ever brush your hair when it’s wet, because that’s when it’s most fragile.

MYTH 6: You don’t need sunblock if you’re not going outdoors.
If you live like a vampire with ZERO sun and light exposure, and you don’t use a laptop/tablet/smartphone, then by all means feel free to skip sunblock. But if you’re just like all of us, your skin will stay protected with a light layer sunblock, even when you’re not planning to step out. Most light-emitting devices also produce tiny amounts of UV rays, which seem like nothing when you think about it, but take that amount times 365 and 50 years and it sure sounds like a big deal.

MYTH 7: If you trim your eyelashes, they’ll grow back longer.
I once knew a girl who told me that she trims her eyelashes so that they’ll grow back longer. I don’t believe it, and neither does the all-knowing Internet. The truth is that when you trim your lashes, you’re snipping away the tapered ends, leaving you with the lengths and blunt edges, which visually looks thicker. Plus, lashes take a whole lot longer to grow than the hair on our scalp, so it’s not really a risk that one is willing to take. If it backfires, it’s bye bye to your lashes for months (if you’re lucky enough to have them grow back).

MYTH 8: Pore-refining products help to ‘shrink’ your pores.
Pore-refining skincare products are super popular in Malaysia, but did you know that you can’t open and close your pores at will? According to scientists, there is no such thing as shrinking your pores. They will always be there, like it or not. When your skin is dry and dull, it sags, dragging the skin downwards, giving your pores a wider appearance. But what you can do to make them less visible is to amp up your skin’s hydration level. When your skin is plumped-up, your pores look visually smaller (although they still stay the same size in truth).

MYTH 9: Essential oils are great for people who have sensitive skin.
Natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s milder or more suitable for sensitive skin! Take lavender essential oil, for example. It’s a potent essential oil that will cause more harm than good to delicate skin. But there really isn’t a 100% yes-or-no checklist, because we all react differently to different ingredients, even when we don’t have sensitive skin. That’s why a lot of serious skincare brands don’t believe in adding fragrances (natural or synthetic) to their products.


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