Monday, October 12, 2015

We're obsessed with: purple lipstick

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Like every other woman, I have more lipsticks than I need, and half of them I don’t even use. They’re still in their boxes, swatched once or twice, and I move on to the next shade (usually 95% similar) and forget about them until they’re expired or weird-smelling.
I was trawling the internet (as usual, what else is new) and came across Rihanna’s photo of her wearing this almost-holographic purple lipstick. Despite the ‘hostile’ first impression, purple is actually a shade that most women can carry off without difficulty. Purple has a combination of warm and cool undertones, making it a neutral colour that complements all skin tones.
Here’s a look at some of the most stunning purple lip colours to try:

The borderline goth
Dark princess Lorde is known for her penchant for dark lip colours, and this purple shade ranks high among some of the more unconventional ones she’s sported. Even without no eye makeup or blush, she looks great.
How to rock the look: On days when you haven’t washed your hair, and you feel so anti-social you just wanna be left alone. Make like Lorde and let your wild curls run free, or tie your hair into a high bun. Put on an all-black outfit, wear your trusty shades, and slick on a bluish-purple lipstick.
Try: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless

The neon go-getter
Neon purple goes well with all skin tones. You can glam it up with a full-on red carpet worthy look, or dress it down and go for a weekend-chic effect. Either way, your lips still stand out (in a good way). Just make sure it’s matte so that it doesn’t look dated.
How to rock the look: Define your eyebrows well and line your eyes with a gentle flick at the outer corners. This helps to open up your eyes and make you look more wide-awake. Then apply liquid lip colour using your fingertips. Blot with tissue and reapply. Blot again.
Try: NYX Macaron Lippie in Violet

The metallic madame
Think deep, rich violet with a foil-like effect – what’s not to love about this? Slightly on the theatrical side, this definitely isn’t for wallflowers, because you either go full-on metallic or go home. The fuller your lips are, the bigger the impact, so don’t be afraid to pucker up and do a duckface selfie just for keeps.
How to rock the look: Make sure your lipstick stays on by prepping lips with liquid foundation beforehand. Dab it on using fingertips and blot to remove excess. You might have to repeat this a few times. After that, fill in lips with your colour of choice, using a lip brush for added precision.
Try: Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick in Violet

The lavender nymph
This shade is harder to pull off, because it really depends which shade of lavender you choose on the spectrum of warm to cool. If your skintone is warm or tanned, you’d fare better with a pink-toned lavender, and if you’re super fair, a blue-toned lavender works better.
How to rock the look: Lavender lipstick can make you look washed-out, so prep your skin well with highlighter to give your complexion a translucent, glowing effect. A little bit of bronzer around the temples and jawline also makes your face look much slimmer. Best if you have light-coloured hair, because the contrast can be a bit too stark if your hair is black.
Try: Lime Crime Lipstick in D’Lilac

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