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Is collagen really good for skin? A 90-day experiment

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All the magazines tell us that we start ageing at 25, and that by age 50, we’ll have lost most of the collagen in our skin. These quotes are a dime a dozen, but nobody really knows how true these facts are.

I mean, look at Dana Delany, who was recently trending on social media for sharing her 4 secrets to staying young (watch the vid here). And by young, we mean like ‘virgin blood-drinking vampire’ young. I’d love to look half as good as she does when I hit 60.
If you’re wondering, here are her secrets.
#1: she’s never been married
#2: she doesn’t have kids
#3: she does yoga every day
#4: she drinks a lot of wine

I’m definitely on the right track, having decided that #1 and #2 are definitely doable, and #4 is just a matter of admitting that I love alcohol. #3 might take some practice, so I’ve taken a short cut that will hopefully show results when I’m older.

I started taking collagen tablets. I completed my three-month course 2 days ago.

So, how does it work?
According to a skin doctor I once interviewed on the concept of how collagen works, he said: instead of directly replacing collagen within the skin, collagen supplements work to stimulate collagen production. So all that collagen you’re taking isn’t filling the void left by your natural collagen loss as is; but in fact, it’s helping the skin produce more collagen to slowly build up your skin’s elasticity again.

The type of collagen that’s most compatible with human cells is marine collagen, which is why you’ll notice that all the collagen supplements in the market use some form of marine collagen that’s derived from shells or fish.

Apparently, other sources of collagen like bovine, chicken or plants have bigger molecules, which aren’t readily absorbed by the body. However there are also traditional Asian beauty remedies that call for this sort of collagen, and people claim that they also work wonders…

What made me do it?
I met my friend’s mom, who is in her 60s. I was surprised, because she definitely looks like she’s only in her late 40s! Of course I had to ask her for her secret, and she told me she’d been taking collagen supplements since she was 20-over years old. And not just one type; she took like a few a day, both morning and night. I figured I had nothing to lose. As long as I did my research right and chose a reputable brand, I was ready.

How did I do it?
6 tablets a day with a total of 2050mg per ‘dose’. In the morning, before meals. I do it the first thing I wake up. I chose tablets over beauty drinks because they’re easier to carry around when I travel, and I don’t want the extra calories. Each dose of tablets is only 7.8kcal, whereas on average, a beauty drink packs at least 20kcal per bottle.

After 30 days:
I noticed that I needed a significantly lesser amount of skincare – if I used the same amount before taking the collagen tablets, my skin would appear shinier halfway through the day. So I cut the amount of skincare by half, and my skin went back to how it was pre-collagen.

My nails started growing faster than usual. I’ve had to trim them every 10 days or so, as opposed to every 2 weeks.

After 60 days:
My skin looks more radiant, but I can’t be too sure if it’s the collagen working or because I’ve been quite hardworking in applying facial masks recently.

I think I might have hit a plateau with the collagen tablets. I stopped noticing any new changes around day 40, but I’m still taking them because I have half a packet to go. Anyhow, perseverance is key.

After 90 days:
My skin has stayed the same since day 60, I think. I still experience breakouts occasionally, but after cleansing, I don’t feel the tightness that I used to feel before I started taking collagen tablets.

I experience less nail breakage. My right thumbnail has the tendency to ‘crack’ at the nail bed if I grow it too long (due to wear and tear), and I have not had even one break in 3 months, touch wood. But on the downside, it also makes my toenails a nightmare to clip because they’re harder.

My hair has grown 2 inches in 3 months, which I think is quite a lot, because everyone who hasn’t seen me often enough has commented that my hair is “so long now!”

My verdict:
Was it impressive? For the first month, yes. Now, I don’t think there are any new results. But I definitely like what I’m seeing in the mirror. Would I continue? Considering my skin looks better than it used to, I don’t see why not.


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